Moving or Flying South for the Winter?

Attention Snowbirds - are you moving or flying south for the winter. Please let SNBT know your new address.

Forwarding your mail through the Post Office is not enough!

Continue receiving important bank communications:

  1. For paper statements and other letters, call SNBT Customer Support at 715-735-2356.
  2. Sign-up for eStatements within Bank Online and your statements will go wherever you travel.

For security reasons, you must notify SNBT directly when your address changes - even if it is temporary. We require your signature before making this update.

Be sure you receive the many communications mailed throughout the year:

  • Account changes
  • Debit card reissue
  • Tax paperwork

Did you know that because the Post Office does not require identification to forward mail, SNBT cannot forward your bank mail? For example, if you were to go on vacation for 3 months to Arizona and forward your mail through the Post Office you would not receive any bank communications during that time. This is because the bank has very strict privacy policies related to forwarding mail.

For SNBT to maintain confidentiality and send bank correspondence (even if it is only for a temporary amount of time) a customer must come to the bank or call Customer Support (715-735-2356) and fill out the proper paperwork including signature.

Stay Connected While You Are Away

Convenient banking options that give you the privacy of your bank information behind a highly secured login.

Bank Online - Use any computer with internet access to view recent transactions, verify checks that have cleared, make transfers or pre-schedule regular loan payments to occur.

eStatements - Have your account statements delivered electronically. Review and print up to 18 months of statement history.

Bill Pay - Pay bills at your convenience; create automatic payments, or pre-schedule payments to occur at a later date.

Bankline - Bank by phone 24 hours a day. Verify balances, hear recent deposits, withdrawals, ATM and Debit Card transactions, confirm direct deposits and automatic payments.

Debit Card - Immediate access to your checking account at ATMs or merchants, with all the convenience of a credit card. No need to carry large amounts of cash or write checks. If it gets lost or stolen, notify SNBT as soon as you realize your card is missing.

Find a Personal Banker to help you with these services.