Getting Creative for Teach Children to Save Day

April 22, 2021

Learning never stops. Some skills, such as money management, will ALWAYS be essential, no matter the circumstances. Even with the school structure looking a bit different than years past, the staff at The Stephenson National Bank & Trust (SNBT) has continued to find creative ways to connect with the community for National Teach Children to Save Day.

Staff members visited Stephenson Elementary School to share savings lessons with K-2nd grade students. “We’re thankful for the opportunity to share these skills with students in person at Stephenson Elementary School this year! We feel that learning the basics of money management at a young age builds the foundation for good money habits later in life,” said Diane St.Martin, SNBT Oconto Office Manager. Staff plan to give live video presentations at a handful of other local schools in the coming weeks.

Normally, SNBT bankers would give nearly 30 presentations, teaching almost 600 children about positive money habits. To reach as many children as possible in a year where presentations were not possible at every school, SNBT created a number of virtual lessons to accommodate young learners in a variety of settings. The first lessons make learning about saving money as easy as reading a book. Bankers have been recorded reading money-related, age appropriate books. Accompanying the videos are discussion questions that educators and family members can use to guide children through concepts such as ‘wants’ versus ‘needs,’ making decisions between spending and saving money, and rainy-day funds. The webpage can be found by visiting