Business Spotlight

Many local businesses have been impacted by the global pandemic. We want to shine a light on these specific businesses that partnered with SNBT to make it through the tough times brought on by Coronavirus.

"Working with SNBT has been an amazing experience since the start of my business until today. I felt like my banker took my hand from the very beginning. I had such personalized service. I don’t know where else you can get that. When I talked to my friend about seeing the bankers at SNBT, I told her that I had amazing service, and that I felt really cared for and taken care of. If she wanted to have that experience, SNBT would be a good place to go."
- Johanna Zuehls, Heritage Hearing Care Owner and Doctor of Audiology
"Despite our small size, we are treated as a valued client and our concerns and needs are addressed on an individual basis. The SNBT staff did whatever it took for us to get things up and running in a timely manner. SNBT's emphasis on assisting a local business during an unprecedented economic and health related crisis just because it was the right thing to do resonated deeply with us. We have stayed in business for 42 years because we provide exceptional service, respect our clients, and place honesty above profit. SNBT, from our experience, espouses these same values and is the kind of bank we want on our side."
- James Swanson & Denise Galineau, JS Electronics, Inc. Owners
"Working with SNBT feels like you have a friend who truly is there to help when needed - giving great advice. They've been with us since the beginning. With a hometown bank, you're in it together. Your success is their success. It's more like a friendship than a business transaction. SNBT gave us a chance when nobody else would. We've been successful with help from SNBT. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"
- Chera Buechler & Tim Gignac, Lithocrafters Printing, Owners
“Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a bank to them, I tell them how great SNBT has been for us. With SNBT, there is a level of professionalism that other banks just don’t offer. At other banks it seems like you are always being pushed along to the next person. Here, you get that extra attention that you do not get from other banks. From the top all the way down, every SNBT banker is always willing to help in any way they can. It gives us a great feeling knowing they care about our success as much as we do and are willing to go the extra mile.” - Chuck & Susan Klatkiewicz, S&C Machine, LLC, Owners
"From day one, when we were 19 years old, SNBT tried to find out what type of people we were, instead of what we had. They took the time to judge us on our character, rather than our possessions. We never felt that we were just a number. We are proud and grateful to have done business with a locally owned bank for all of these years. We have recommended our bank to countless people and have never been let down." - Peter & Nina Dellisse, The Clip Joint, Owners
"Working with a banker from Stephenson National Bank made me feel so secure and I knew that I was going to get care because I knew I could contact them and I would get a response. My banker would take care of me and would call me just to check up and to make sure that we were doing well. That's why I really like working with a Stephenson National banker. If it wasn't for Stephenson National, my business wouldn't be open. They worked so hard to keep me open and other businesses like me." - Tammy Kushman, The Serving Spoon, Owner
"It's been easy dealing with Stephenson Bank even if it's not here in Shawano. If I had to give a rating, it would be 5 stars. When we talk to our banker, if we have a question, she would answer it right away. If she didn't know she'd get back to us the same day. Not all banks have what Stephenson has which is that they make you feel that they are extremely important. I would recommend Stephenson Bank to anybody because they take care of their customers. A lot of banks look at their customers as numbers and Stephenson does not." - Dominick & Vincenzo Badalamenti, Luigi's Pizza & Pasta, Owners
"Stephenson National Bank is better than the banks I've worked with in the past because they are proactive to me. They bring things to me and ask if I need something. They know my business. I recommend Stephenson all the time. If you're going to start a business or get a new account, do it with Stephenson because they're good people, they follow up, and they're grounded. They're here and they don't change their name every 6 months. They're good people. I love the people. It's so much easier to work with people that are personable and that you can trust just by looking at them." - Becky Wiegman, Oconto Metal Finishing, Owner
"Our experience with Stephenson National Bank has been excellent. We have great working relationships with not only our business banker, but when we walk through the door, there's a smiling face at the door and at the teller stands. They know who you are and it's a great overall feeling. I feel that sense of community when I walk through that door. I feel like that's something Stephenson National tries to do every day. I couldn't say enough good things about Stephenson National Bank. When I'm out and talking to my friends or whomever and I'm recommending Stephenson National to them, I often say you can't beat the service that they provide and the relationship that is provided along with the service." - Jessie Chernetski, Mikutowski Woodworking, Inc., Owner
"My SNBT Banker, Steve Cagle, is the first call I make anytime I have a question or issue. He breaks it down for me so we have nothing to worry about. He never makes me feel bad about needing his assistance, he goes above and beyond for us. Steve looks out for us more than you would expect a banker to. We almost forget that he's a banker because we've gotten so close to him like family. I don't see that happening at a lot of other banks." - Marjorie Giese, Intrigue Salon & Body Studio, Owner