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At SNBT, we understand how challenging it is to run a business. That's why we offer a wide variety of innovative services designed to help you grow your bottom line, plus save you time and money!

Business Debit Card:

Safer than carrying cash and easier to track expenditures! SNBT’s business debit card is accepted worldwide.


  • Save money by reducing paper check usage
  • Individualize cards with spending limits 
  • Get cash where and when it’s needed, worldwide
  • Track and monitor spending on call cards via online reporting tool
  • Verified by Visa - If you have a Visa Debit Card, this service will protect your cards when shopping online.
  • MasterCard SecureCode - If you have a Debit MasterCard, this service will protect your cards when shopping online.

SNBT Corporate Credit Card:

Enjoy the convenience of a credit card with the ease of tracking expenses, while also earning rewards that are among the best in the industry!


  • Protect personal credit score from business credit exposure
  • Choose from a variety of card types based on spending needs
  • No annual fee option, introductory specials, and bonus reward points
  • Learn more about card reward points!
  • Track expenses with free spending reports
  • Consolidate reward points for faster redemption benefits
  • Redeem points for cash, travel, merchandise, or gift cards
  • Log-in to see recent transactions or review your points balance
  • Individualize cards with spending limits
  • Fly any airline without frequent flyer program restrictions
  • Verified by Visa - Protect your cards when shopping online

Apply for your SNBT Visa Credit Card.

To report a lost or stolen card or if you have any questions, call 1-866-234-4691 for 24 hour Card Member Services.

Desktop Deposits:

If your business receives a large quantity or high dollar amount of payments by check, remote deposit capture may be your solution. 


  • Convenient: Scan checks daily directly from your office, 7 days a week
  • Saves Time: Reduce or eliminate daily bank visits or delayed deposits
  • Saves Money: Save gas & time by eliminating trips to the bank
  • Accelerate availability of cash: Speed up collection of customer payments
  • Efficient: Automate deposit tickets, access check images, and generate reports
  • Easy: We will come to your site and train your designated employees

Line of Credit Sweep:

Save money by accessing your line of credit when it’s needed, then anytime your account reaches a designated balance, automatically make a payment. 

  • Automatically access your credit line when needed
  • Automatically pay your line down anytime you have available funds to do so
  • Minimize interest payments by ensuring the lowest amount of credit is being utilized
  • Does not require you to do any manual transfers from credit line to your account

Automatic Transfers:

Establish transfers between your deposit and/or loan accounts to occur automatically on a requested date. The computer will complete the transaction on the designated date.

  • Establish automatic transfers to occur without your needing to do anything
  • Saves time on recurring payments
  • Reduces likelihood of missed or late payments
  • Easy to set up, cancel, and modify transfers

Learn more ways you can do you banking electronically with e-Banking.

Retirement Planning, Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP), 401K 
Turn to The Retirement Experts® Provide your employees with world-class investment options from certified experts with a commitment to local service. Let our Retirement Experts help your business with employee retirement plans, whether you're just initiating a plan for your company or modifying an existing program.

Don’t forget about the following services:

Safe Deposit Box - Keep valuable information and important documents safe.

Night Depository - Make deposits at your convenience, regardless of the time.

Health Savings Accounts - Lower insurance rates and expand employee benefits.

Gift Cards - Reward employees and thank customers with today's most popular present.

Ready Credit - Relax knowing you have a line of credit available when you need it.

Coin Services - Purchase rolled coin or have your loose change counted quickly.

Cashier’s Checks

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