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At SNBT, we understand how challenging it is to run a business. That's why we offer a wide variety of innovative services designed to help you grow your bottom line, plus save you time and money!

Business Debit Card:

Safer than carrying cash and easier to track expenditures! SNBT’s business Debit Card is accepted worldwide.


  • Save money by reducing paper check usage
  • Individualize cards with spending limits 
  • Get cash where and when it’s needed, worldwide
  • Track and monitor spending on call cards via online reporting tool
  • MasterCard SecureCode - If you have a Debit MasterCard, this service will protect your cards when shopping online.

SNBT Corporate Credit Card:

Enjoy the convenience of a credit card with the ease of tracking expenses, while also earning rewards that are among the best in the industry!


  • Protect personal credit score from business credit exposure
  • Choose from a variety of card types based on spending needs
  • No annual fee option, introductory specials, and bonus reward points
  • Learn more about card reward points!
  • Track expenses with free spending reports
  • Consolidate reward points for faster redemption benefits
  • Redeem points for cash, travel, merchandise, or gift cards
  • Log-in to see recent transactions or review your points balance
  • Individualize cards with spending limits
  • Fly any airline without frequent flyer program restrictions
  • Verified by Visa - Protect your cards when shopping online

Apply for your SNBT Visa Credit Card.

To report a lost or stolen card or if you have any questions, call 1-866-234-4691 for 24 hour Card Member Services.

Desktop Deposits:

If your business receives a large quantity or high dollar amount of payments by check, remote deposit capture may be your solution. 


  • Convenient: Scan checks daily directly from your office, 7 days a week
  • Saves Time: Reduce or eliminate daily bank visits or delayed deposits
  • Saves Money: Save gas & time by eliminating trips to the bank
  • Accelerate availability of cash: Speed up collection of customer payments
  • Efficient: Automate deposit tickets, access check images, and generate reports
  • Easy: We will come to your site and train your designated employees

Line of Credit Sweep:

Save money by accessing your line of credit when it’s needed, then anytime your account reaches a designated balance, automatically make a payment. 

  • Automatically access your credit line when needed
  • Automatically pay your line down anytime you have available funds to do so
  • Minimize interest payments by ensuring the lowest amount of credit is being utilized
  • Does not require you to do any manual transfers from credit line to your account

Automatic Transfers:

Establish transfers between your deposit and/or loan accounts to occur automatically on a requested date. The computer will complete the transaction on the designated date.

  • Establish automatic transfers to occur without your needing to do anything
  • Saves time on recurring payments
  • Reduces likelihood of missed or late payments
  • Easy to set up, cancel, and modify transfers

Learn more ways you can do you banking electronically with eBanking.

Retirement Planning, Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP), 401K 
Turn to The Retirement Experts® Provide your employees with world-class investment options from certified experts with a commitment to local service. Let our Retirement Experts help your business with employee retirement plans, whether you're just initiating a plan for your company or modifying an existing program.

Don’t forget about the following services:

Safe Deposit Box - Keep valuable information and important documents safe.

Night Depository - Make deposits at your convenience, regardless of the time.

Health Savings Accounts - Lower insurance rates and expand employee benefits.

Gift Cards - Reward employees and thank customers with today's most popular present.

Ready Credit - Relax knowing you have a line of credit available when you need it.

Coin Services - Purchase rolled coin or have your loose change counted quickly.

Cashier’s Checks

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