However you want to use it, earn Carefree rewards!

Tiered interest rates

Up to $10 ATM surcharge refunds1

Benefits & Rewards

  • Earn interest on your account balance with tiered interest rates
  • ATM surcharges from non-SNBT ATMs refunded up to $10 per month1 
  • Unlimited transactions

Minimum Balance & Requirements

  • $2,500 in your Carefree Account OR $25,000 combined balance2 between Checking / Savings / CD / Loans
  • $25.00 service charge and forfeiture of rewards if requirements are not met
  • $3 charged if you choose to receive paper statements (eStatements provided at no charge)

Receive up to $10 each statement cycle as reimbursement for ATM fees charged by the owner of the non-SNBT ATM for transactions conducted with your SNBT debit card.

2 Combined Balance - Accounts must be titled in the same Tax Reporting Owner to qualify. Deposit accounts use the Minimum Balance month-to-date, which is the lowest balance during the current calendar month. Loan balances are based on the current balance and any available credit amount on lines of credit as of the last day of the statement cycle.

Additional Features

  • Overdraft Protection:
    • Transfers money from another deposit account into your checking account.
    • A small transaction charge is assessed for each overdraft transfer, which costs less than an overdraft charge.
  • Overdraft Consideration:
    • We may cover your overdraft so you can avoid merchant fees from declined transactions or returned checks.
    • An overdraft charge may apply for this discretionary service.
    • Available in addition to the overdraft services listed above.
    • Learn the details of Overdraft Consideration
  • Debit Card Overdraft Consent Service:
    • May help you avoid having your transactions automatically declined.
    • Applies only to ATM and everyday Debit Card transactions.
    • An overdraft charge may apply if this service is used to complete your transaction.
  • Learn more about overdraft services here.
  • Automated bank-by phone system that gives you account information using a touchtone phone. To access, call 715-735-BANK (2265) or 800-924-9796.
  • Many employers offer paycheck deposits into a checking or savings account. Consider taking advantage of this benefit to help with budgeting by earmarking a portion of each paycheck to be deposited into your savings account.
  • Keep valuable information and important documents safe.