A couple imagining their dream home.

From lot purchase to new construction, we can help you build your dream home. We’re the leader for new home construction loans and we have a great history of working with local builders and developers.

We're happy to explain the typical construction loan process...

Because you're buying something that doesn't exist yet, construction lending is a little different than traditional lending.

It starts with the blueprints/plans you have for the proposed dwelling along with the cost breakdown from your contractor. We'll set up an appraisal, which will give your completed project a property value.

Knowing the appraiser's determined value, we'll ultimately know the amount we would be able to lend. For example, a property with the appraised value of $150,000.00 would allow for an approximate $120,000.00 loan.

If a construction loan is in your future, start by having some up-front discussions with your lender as early as possible. The last thing you want is to sell your existing house or be in the middle of drawing up plans before learning that you may not qualify for a large enough loan.


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