Business man checking phone messagesReceive real-time notifications for certain transaction activities.

eAlerts are a great way to keep you informed when certain events happen on your account. We can notify you by email, text message, or within Bank Online the next time you login.

Enjoy these benefits:

  • Know immediately when your balance falls below a specific amount
  • See when your paycheck is deposited
  • Receive a reminder when certain checks are cleared
  • Establish loan balance warnings

The great part is… there is no limit to the number of eAlerts you can create! It’s easy to get started and anyone using Bank Online is eligible to setup alerts right away!

Creating an eAlert is Easy!

  1. Login to Bank Online from a computer.
  2. Click "Alerts" in the top right section of the page
  3. Click "SNBT eAlerts", then "Setup New Alert"
  4. Select the activity you would like to be notified about, such as: Account Balances, Deposits Arriving, or Checks Clearing, or others - then click “Next”.
  5. Choose the specifics of your notification.
  6. Decide where you would like the alert sent, either email or text.

When your predetermined activity takes place, you will receive a message alerting you.

Types of eAlerts:Woman using her phone's app to utilize mobile banking.

  • CD Balance Alert
  • Check Cleared Notice
  • Checking Balance Alert
  • Consumer Loan Balance Alert
  • Mortgage Balance Alert
  • One-Time Checking Deposit
  • One-Time Savings Deposit
  • Recurring Checking Deposit
  • Recurring Savings Deposit
  • Savings Balance Alert