woman checking her phone in the grocery storeKeep an eye on your finances through real-time text or email notifications


Our eAlerts have become MORE ROBUST! If you previously used eAlerts, this upgrade offers more options. Because of the new variety of alerts, you will be asked to set-up ALL NEW notifications based on better criteria.


Enjoy these benefits:
Notifi is a free service through Bank Online or Mobile Banking. Choose to receive an email or text message each time a transaction posts to your account. NOTE: Many transactions do not come out of your account immediately after you make a purchase at a merchant or withdrawal from an ATM - so it's helpful to know WHEN funds are removed from your account.
  • Know immediately when your balance falls below a specific amount
  • See when your paycheck is deposited
  • View when a fee is charged on any account
  • Receive a notice when checks are cleared or Debit Card transactions are posted
  • Establish loan payment notifications
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Login to Bank Online to setup eAlerts right away! Watch our tutorial video to learn more about our new Notifi Alerts.


Creating an eAlert is Easy!
  1. Login to Bank Online
  2. Click Alerts and follow the enrollment steps
  3. Specify how you would like to receive alerts: email or text message (be sure these methods can be accessed anytime of day - not just weekdays). You will get an activation code from "Endpoint Activation"
  4. Select your Alert Options - choose as many as you like, you can always edit them


Alert Options
Choose your alerts - as many you would like!
  • Security: Get alerts when someone changes your contact information or incorrect login attempts are made.
  • Balance: Set low balance alerts to avoid overdrafts, maintain your balance to earn rewards, and high balance alerts to know when you have money to invest.
  • Transaction: Get alerts when deposits, checks, or withdrawals post to your account.
  • Transfers: Receive notice of large incoming or outgoing transfers post to your account.
  • Loans: Get alerts when a payment is due, past due, has been paid, or when any loan activity occurs. Know if you exceed you credit limit.
  • ATM/Debit Card: Get alerts when ATM or Debit Card transactions occur.
  • Other: Get alerts when something unexpected happens.

The great part is… there is no limit to the number of eAlerts you can create! Got a little carried away and set up too many alerts? You have the power to remove any alerts on your account.

Do Not Disturb - sometimes merchants post transactions overnight. You can choose which hours you DO NOT want to receive notifications.