The next generation ATM. Tap the touchscreen HELP button for face-to-face banker assistance.

Hidden Camera Experiment

Some people have expressed that they may be hesitant to try this new technology. For one day only, we hid a “Candid Camera” in the Marinette lobby to capture people’s true reactions to their first eTeller demonstration.

Watch how real peoples' reluctance changed to acceptance – and even enthusiasm to try the eTellers again >>

eTeller Customer Testimonial

Mare Hare was hesitant to try the eTeller. In fact, she said she preferred working with our staff better. But, after a patient person gave her a demonstration, she learned, that she can speak to our SNBT bankers when she taps the touchscreen "HELP" button.

Watch as Mare Hare describes how she became a believer in the eTeller >>

We think you’ll love these convenient services: 
The new ATMs are called eTellers and will provide more convenient services.

  • Depositing cash and checks in one stack
  • Withdrawing: $1’s, $5’s, $20’s, and $50’s
  • Assisting you by on-screen video from Interactive Service Associate (ISA)
  • Making loan payments
  • Cashing checks
  • Offering additional secure login methods (besides just Debit Card)

Meet the bankers behind the eTeller - your Interactive Service Associates (ISAs)

Letter from the President

See the SNBT Marinette Campus Transformation

Employee eTeller Stories

No Debit Card Needed

SNBT Bank Office Manager, Ann Mayer's favorite feature of the eTeller is that customers don't need a Debit Card when they tap the touchscreen "HELP" button. A banker will come on screen and help you get the cash you need.

Watch as Ann Mayer describes this great eTeller feature >>

No Deposit Slip Required

SNBT Deposit Operations Officer, Lynn Lowis' favorite feature is that customers don't need a deposit slip when they deposit cash or checks at the eTeller

Watch as Lynn Lowis describes this great eTeller feature >>

eTeller Video Assistance

What makes this FANCY machine so special? The ATM is part ATM, part teller. When you want to speak to a real banker, someone is just a tap away!

Watch to see how our eTellers offer on-screen, live banker assistance >>

eTeller Advantages

No deposit slips required! Drive-Up eTellers can accept customer deposits of up to 50 bills and checks in one transaction – no envelopes, no worries.

We no longer have the antiquated tubes and speaker system. All lanes will finally be able to have face-to-face conversations with your SNBT banker.

Bank How you  Like - Self-Service transactions with your Debit Card, OR Face-to-Face assistance work directly with a banker by video. Simply tap the touchscreen HELP button and your banker will walk you through your transactions, just as a banker would in person.

More lanes to accommodate business customer transactions. So, the lines move quicker getting you in and out faster.

Enjoy extended, 24-hour banking service using the eTeller. That’s 168 hours a week compared to the current 54 hours of Drive-Up availability.

Consistency – The best part is that you can see the same local team of friendly faces no matter which SNBT eTeller you visit.


eTeller Common Questions

Do I need a Debit/ATM Card to utilize the eTeller?
No, during banking hours, if you would like the assistance of an Interactive Service Associate (ISA), or if you DO NOT have a Debit Card, simply tap the touchscreen “HELP” button and the next available ISA will appear on screen to verify your identity and assist with transactions. You’ll need a valid form of ID or be able to identify yourself as the account owner.

To operate the eTeller without the help of an ISA, you may use a Debit/ATM Card as you normally would at any ATM, 24 hours a day.

When and why do I need to show my ID?
If you do not have a Debit Card, you may need a valid form of a picture ID to identify yourself and answer identifying questions – this is for the security of your account. If you do not have an ID, an ISA can verify your identity by asking questions, by entering social security number, telephone number, or account number on the touchscreen. 

Are eTellers secure?
Yes, whether you perform your transaction on the eTeller or through a banker in the lobby, rest assured that your information is protected. eTellers are hard-wired into the same secure operating connection used to safeguard your personal information on our bank network everyday. In fact, as the next generation of ATMs, these eTellers use the latest security available – whereas older ATMs may not receive all of the latest security updates. At SNBT, we are always trying to stay ahead of the curve and make protecting our customers’ information a priority.

What types of transactions can an ISA perform?
ISAs can assist with most transactions you would complete in the lobby or at a Drive-Up. The only transactions that cannot be completed at the machine are: contributions to or distributions from an IRA or HSA account, coin deposits, deposits to accounts for other parties, closing accounts, purchase of cashier’s checks and personal money orders, and rolled coin and strapped cash orders – these transactions must be completed inside the bank.

How do I connect with an ISA ?
Simply tap the touchscreen “HELP” button and the next available ISA will appear on screen assist you with transactions.

When are ISA s available?
They are available at all SNBT eTellers Monday–Friday from 8am–6pm and Saturdays 9am–noon.

Watch our eTeller Progress

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SNBT video operators eTeller installation 9-19-2017
installation team eTeller installation 9-19-2017
Jenni Dolata eTeller installation 9-19-2017
eTeller picture from 3-15-17 Training under the hood of the eTeller 3-15-17 technicians explaining the eTeller to Jeff 3-15-17
Elisa using the eTeller in the Marinette lobby 3-15-17 eTeller is touch screen enabled 3-15-17 customers can access eTeller using photo ID 3-15-17
Jeff and Elisa looking at the eTeller on-screen help 3-15-17 a closer look at the eTeller on-screen video help 3-15-17 Jenni practicing eTeller on-screen video assistance 3-15-17
eTeller on-screen representative helping during training 3-15-17 a view of what the on-screen video representative sees from the eTeller 3-15-17 staff during eTeller training 3-15-17
SNBT staff learning about eTeller functions 3-15-17 A photo of SNBT's old ATM being uninstalled. A photo of SNBT's new eteller at our Crivitz Downtown office.

Updated 9-12-17