We are proud to announce the replacement of our ATMs with more modern “eTeller” machines at every office .

We think you’ll love these convenient NEW services: 
The new ATMs are called eTellers and will provide more convenient services.

  • Accepting deposits of cash and checks in one stack
  • Delivering withdrawals of: $1’s, $5’s, $20’s, and $50’s

Over time, we’ll implement even more convenience:

  • Providing on-screen video assistance from a knowledgeable SNBT banker
  • Assisting with loan payments
  • Dispensing loose change
  • Offering additional secure login methods (besides just Debit or ATM Card)

Letter from the President

Watch our eTeller Progress

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eTeller picture from 3-15-17 Training under the hood of the eTeller 3-15-17 technicians explaining the eTeller to Jeff 3-15-17
Elisa using the eTeller in the Marinette lobby 3-15-17 eTeller is touch screen enabled 3-15-17 customers can access eTeller using photo ID 3-15-17
Jeff and Elisa looking at the eTeller on-screen help 3-15-17 a closer look at the eTeller on-screen video help 3-15-17 Jenni practicing eTeller on-screen video assistance 3-15-17
eTeller on-screen representative helping during training 3-15-17 a view of what the on-screen video representative sees from the eTeller 3-15-17 staff during eTeller training 3-15-17
SNBT staff learning about eTeller functions 3-15-17 A photo of SNBT's old ATM being uninstalled. A photo of SNBT's new eteller at our Crivitz Downtown office.

Updated 5-12-17