Looking to buy a home? Visit our Online Mortgage Center to get your pre-qualification and know how much home you can afford before you go house shopping.Perhaps you’ve been in a home buying state of mind for months. 
You’ve probably talked to friends and family, looked at homes online and thought about your options (do I want to live in town or in the country?). Now you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to business...

Start here. Dream big. Let us help make it happen.

Open a Homebuyer CD, apply online or meet with a Personal Banker and you'll start saving money toward your dream home. A certificate of deposit (CD) is a savings tool that allows you to stash money away, while earning interest. One of its best features is that the money is locked away for 2 years, so you'll be less tempted to dip into this savings. Set-up regular, automatic deposits into your Homebuyer CD, in any amount - as often as you like, and you'll see your down payment savings add up quickly!

24 Month Homebuyer CD details:

  • Deposit a minimum $100 to open
  • Interest is compounded quarterly
  • Deposit any amount at anytime without restriction
  • Free consultation with a Loan Officer
  • (A substantial early withdrawal penalty may apply if you try to remove money before the 24 months is over. To avoid this penalty, present a current Residential Offer to Purchase agreement.)

Helpful Links:Download a copy of the Homebuyer Handbook, a guide that walks you through the homebuying process.

* $100 minimum balance to open. Interest is compounded quarterly (see rate chart). Additions in any amount are allowed during the CD term. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Must present current Residential Offer to Purchase agreement to avoid penalty. Not available for IRA, businesses, or municipalities.