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Why SNBT Investment Management?

We have a 21-member team of highly-credentialed and experienced professionals dedicated to serving your Investment needs. We are focused on providing personalized high-touch service. We provide the ideal combination of first-rate investments, local experience, and a focus on long-term relationships.

SNBT has been certified by CEFEX, the Center for Fiduciary Excellence

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Our Foundational Values

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21-member Trust & Investment Management team

Trust and Investment Department
Middle Row: Paul Aftanas, Dave Denby, Jodi Swiatnicki, Sam Hofer, Jeanie Danielak, Kylie Allard, Josh Nerat
Top Row:  Karen Fehrenbach, Theresa O'Brien, Dina Loomis, Kelly Rusch, Mark Adamek, Cari McPheeters-Brown, Jerie Glass