Marquette Office

Client-Focused Business Philosophy

Our client-focused business philosophy: Always putting your needs first. We offer comprehensive investment and planning choices (at a reasonable cost!) while maintaining focus on providing highly personalized wealth management service.

“Because my role at SNBT is helping clients with their financial lives, I put
their needs first when creating their personal plans. That's the way SNBT
has always done business - doing what is in the client's best interest. We
believe that by doing so, both the client and the bank will be successful in
the long-term.” – Mike Kolasa

National Ability. Local Authority.

The Trust & Investment team at The Stephenson National Bank & Trust has the most credentials in the region and access to national-level tools, yet we maintain local decision making. This allows Marquette Trust & Investment Services to provide you with exceptional financial guidance while keeping decisions - and business - in the local community. Why SNBT?

“In this industry, we need to be proactive to provide national-quality
service. That's why our 21-member Trust team at SNBT is continually
attending higher-level, professional training programs - to keep current
on the latest trends, issues, and investment vehicles. When we couple that
with our nimbleness in making decisions locally, we get the job done
extremely well and very quickly.” – Mike Kolasa

Turn to The Retirement Experts®

Mike Kolasa assists people in the Upper Peninsula with their Trust & Investment needs.

Contact Michael Kolasa or Theresa O'Brien  for Investment Management in Marquette, MI