Trust & Estate Administration

“We do not plan for ourselves, we plan for our families.”
- Dave Denby, CTFA, CISP

The complexity of today’s typical estate, of even modest proportions, make the role of executor a real burden on a surviving spouse, a relative, or a business associate. Therefore, it’s a role you should not assign lightly. 

By designating an objective party, such as SNBT's Trust Department, to be the executor of your estate you can be sure the administration of your estate is done exactly as you wish and in a professional manner. Rely on our expertise in all stages of estate administration to take the burden off of your loved ones and ensure the timely execution of your estate plan.

As a “Personal Representative” we are empowered as your executor to serve in the settlement of your estate and properly administer your financial affairs including:

  • Locate, inventory and safeguard all estate assets, and establish fair appraisal values for tax and accounting purposes
  • Provide continuing management for all investment assets, including income-producing real estate and business interests
  • Pay from your estate funeral expenses, legitimate claims of creditors and administration expenses
  • Collect all debts owed to your estate and be prepared to defend your estate against invalid or improper claims
  • Assume responsibility for the filing of all estate, inheritance, income or gift tax returns required by State or Federal authorities
  • Keep detailed records of all income, expenses and estate transactions, and render accounting to the court and to beneficiaries
  • Distribute your estate in accordance with the provisions of your Will and/or Trust agreement