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Our goal is to help you achieve your vision of retirement, whether you plan to travel more or relax more. Turn to the Retirement Experts (R)
Our goal is to help you achieve that vision, whether you plan to travel more or to relax more, you’ll need specific guidance from a knowledgeable retirement professional.

Turn to The Retirement Experts ®

The Retirement Experts at The Stephenson National Bank & Trust are the area’s largest team of professionals who hold over 27 designations in retirement planning .

What does that mean for you? Our credentials aren't just hype; we go to great lengths to ensure our team has the most advanced training available in our field. You’ll feel confident working with a professional whose knowledge goes beyond the generic 'retirement planner’ title.
SNBT Trust Department, Left to right First Row: Jeff Bauman, Kadie Truitt, Heather Addison, Greg Salmen, Dan Peterson, Mike Kolasa, Pam Allen, Kelly Rusch; Middle Row: Karen Kolstad, Mark Adamek, Theresa O'Brien, Jodi Swiatnicki, Paul Aftanas, Amy DeKing, Cathy Hipke, Dave Denby, Josh Nerat; Top Row: Dina Loomis, Kiley Allard, Jeanie Danielak, Sam Hofer, Cari McPheeters-Brown, Karen Fehrenbach
Allow our experts to maximize your retirement savings and objectively construct a plan to:
  • Balance your current situation with future needs while taking the least amount of risk.
  • Determine when to retire and when to begin social security benefits.
  • Move your assets from employer-sponsored plans to IRAs and handle distributions.
  • Help prevent running out of money or returning to the workforce.
  • Take into account budgeting, taxes, insurance, and inflation.

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Meet with a SNBT Retirement Expert to answer questions or to get a second opinion review of your current plan (free with no obligation). Even if you believe your financial pieces are in place, these reviews often show where a plan has shortcomings and how SNBT can help.

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