When is the best time to start saving?

There is no better time to start saving than now –  Don’t Wait!

It’s so easy to let other financial obligations (cars, homes, college education for the kids) take priority over funding your retirement. It seems so far away, yet it’s critical to get an early start on your planning.

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In Your 20’s

During this decade you may think you don’t have to worry yet about saving for retirement or, worse, you just don’t think about it at all, and that’s a big mistake. This is the best time to start saving, because of the magic of compound interest, time is money and you can make your money work for you by starting to save early in life.

In Your 30’s

During this decade your salary level may increase, therefore you should consider increasing the amount and percentage you’re contributing to your retirement accounts. Maintain a balance between living for today, and saving for tomorrow. If you use the old adage “Pay yourself first,” you will have enough to do both.

In Your 40’s

During this decade you realize that retirement is not as far away as you once thought. Don’t get overwhelmed, talk to a retirement expert who can help you leverage your current savings and develop a strategy.

In Your 50’s

During this decade you may need to play catch-up to get back on track. Increase your savings, rethink your spending, and reassess your retirement income needs. A retirement expert can recommend several strategies that allow you to live your retirement on your terms.

No matter when you start saving, let the Retirement Experts help you on your road to retirement.

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