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There are more options than ever to choose how to access your money

Bank How You Like. You have the choice to bank how you like: In Person or using our newest technology: Bank OnlineBill Pay, eTellerMobile BankingMobile PayCardValet ... and more! Even though we offer innovative services, we know the importance of human interaction, and continue to be available in the lobby or over the phone to assist with all of your important financial decisions. 

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It's about more than just banking...

Join the Evolution. Banking is Evolving at a rapid pace, and SNBT is ahead of the curve. We continue to grow based on our understanding of you, the community, and our financial climate. Throughout this evolution, there are more options than ever before to “bank the way you want” , whether you prefer self-service or in person with a knowledgeable banker! 

Why YOU Should Join the Evolution:
  1. We are Advice-Givers (not order-takers). People are banking in-person less and less, and when they do, they’re seeking advice: How do I save more money? What’s the best method for budgeting? How can I protect myself from fraud and identity theft? Where do I turn for retirement expertise? We provide our employees with training and education so that we can offer top quality financial guidance from experts in money management.

  2. We Invest in Technology. We bring you the most advanced eBanking services, like our mobile app , CardValet , and eTellers . And not only in terms of services, but behind the scenes as well. SNBT is constantly authorizing new software that protects your personal and financial information.

  3. We have Local Knowledge. It's really about more than just accounts to us! It's about relationships, service, convenience, advice, and trust. SNBT employees live, work and are involved in the communities we serve. We want what is best for our community, and believe that enhancing your personal and professional life will do just that.

  4. We are Leading the Banking Evolution. Most importantly, we are ahead of the curve and changing local banking. Just another reminder of our bank’s stability and commitment to remaining a community bank well into the future.

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