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Menekaunee Harbor Sunset photo taken by Karen Kolstad

Keep your LOAN close to home

Many local financial institutions claim that they offer local lending, but when we take a closer look, we can begin to see what sets SNBT apart. Rest assured, there are no extra fees for local loan servicing and maintenance.
We feel that local service is necessary to live our mission: To be the premier provider of trusted financial solutions. That’s the difference when you get a loan with SNBT. So, when we say that we offer Truly Local Lending from Start to Finish, we mean it.
If you have questions about the loan process at SNBT, or at another bank, don’t hesitate to ask a Loan Officer.

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SNBT Truly Local Lending from start to finish:

  • Decisions made by the same person who is handling your loan, someone who lives and works in our community.
  • Build a relationship with the same experienced lender and team, from application through payoff.
  • Processing and paperwork handled in the SNBT Marinette Office.
  • Payments can be made in the manner best suited to your life – online, by mail, or in person.
  • Answers to questions are just a phone call away, or by visiting the nearest SNBT location.
  • Our team of bankers are part of the community, and many volunteer for local non-profits.
  • Competitive rates with low fees – We’ve maintained the same rates and fee pricing model that has kept SNBT a well-run bank throughout some of the turbulent years.
  • Local servicing – after the loan is closed, we continue to maintain the loan by applying your payments, answering questions, providing payoff information, and titles. We maintain your loan after closing, while most others sell your info to an outside provider.
  • Escrow for property taxes and insurance is managed here, so payments happen on-time.
  • Check out the many loan options we offer.

NON-Local Lending:

  • Decisions are made at a loan processing center by people unfamiliar with our area.
  • You may work with a different lender for each new scenario.
  • Lengthy time for processing and paperwork to be sent to a loan processing center where documents get handled by multiple departments.
  • Require payments to be made a certain way that is suited to their bank standards.
  • Getting answers means making a long distance phone call and explaining your situation to a new representative each time.
  • Some lenders have never visited our community.
  • Some lenders may lower rates to bring in business, but charge higher fees. OR they might be willing to take on more risk just to get more loans on the books (which is one of the factors contributing to the recent recession)
  • Your loan maintenance is sold to an outsider provider. The loan is now handled by another loan operator, not the original bank. Many times when a loan gets sold once, it could be sold many more times. Each time, loan information is passed along to another lender, it may be confusing to know who/where to make payments, how to get payoff information, and may take months to receive a clear title.
  • Once a loan is sold, escrow can be mishandled or worse yet, important dates can be missed.

Experience truly local lending by working with one of our experienced Loan Officers, who are part of our community and available when you need them.



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