Mobile Pay

Turn your phone into your secure wallet with Mobile Pay
Turn your phone into your secure wallet
Add your SNBT Debit Cards to any of these Mobile Wallet Apps: Apple Pay®, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, for a faster, more convenient, more secure way to pay.

Instead of carrying cash, use your phone with your SNBT Debit Card for a simple and highly secure way to pay almost anywhere you shop – from your favorite clothing store to your local coffee shop.

What is Mobile Wallet?

A mobile wallet is a way to carry your credit card or debit card information digitally on your enabled smart phone. Instead of using your physical plastic card to make purchases, you can simply tap-and-pay then go on your way! Watch the Mobile Pay video!

Simple Setup

Many phones come with a preferred Wallet App preloaded. If you do not find one, visit your phone’s App Store to install one. 

  1. Once installed, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Use your camera to add your SNBT Debit Card, and go through the authentication process.
  3. You may be required to call our Mobile Pay service center to complete your card set-up before you are able to pay with your card. (hint: if your card is turned OFF in CardValet, it may not activate properly)

Look for the contactless symbol at the checkout

Easy to Use

Look for the contactless symbol wherever you shop. To use your SNBT Debit Card, simply unlock your device, authenticate the transaction with your fingerprint, iris, or PIN, and hold it near the terminal to pay. Watch the Mobile Pay video!

Extra Security

When you make a purchase, your payment information is never shared with merchants or stored on your device. It works by using a unique Device Account Number instead of your actual card number. We recommend you install the App and input your Debit Card information while you are logged in to a secure password protected WiFi Network. As always, we recommend the installation of mobile malware protection and anti-virus software on all mobile devices.

All Your Cards in One Place

Use your Mobile Wallet to add other cards such as: membership, rewards, mileage perks, and gift cards – you’ll always have them when you need them.

What if a Merchant doesn’t allow Mobile Pay at the checkout?

As Mobile Wallet technology is new to the marketplace, some merchants may not be familiar with it and how it functions. Actually… Mobile Pay works at most traditional payment terminals where you swipe your card, which means you can use it almost anywhere you shop today. Some merchants may assume their card reader cannot accept Mobile Pay since their reader is not enabled as a contactless payment terminal, but, because of this unique technology, it works almost anywhere you can swipe your card. 

Note: Mobile Pay does not currently work at gas station pumps where you have to fully insert your card and some payment terminals may require software updates to support Mobile Pay. If you find Mobile Pay does not work a particular merchant location, you can still use your physical card to pay as you would normally.

Quick List of Merchants

SNBT employees were busy testing area businesses, this is a quick list where Mobile Pay has been accepted: 

Aldi, Burger King, Dollar Tree, Dunkin Donuts, Jack’s Fresh Market, Kohl’s, Kwik Trip, McDonalds, Mighty Pet, ShopKo, Stateline Mini Mart, Taco Bell, TJ Maxx (Samsung Pay only), Walmart.

During testing, it was observed that Samsung Pay will work at any merchant that accepts card swipes. However, not all merchant employees understand or have been trained on the new technology. As a customer, you may have to remind the cashier to press the “Credit” button on their register to process the transaction.

How is it secure?

  • Instead of using your actual cards numbers, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted, and securely stored. And when you make a purchase, the Device Account Number alongside a transaction-specific dynamic security code is used to process your payment. So your actual card numbers are never shared with merchants or transmitted with payment.

How are refunds handled with a Mobile Pay purchase?

  • If you need to make a return for a purchase made with Mobile Pay, you may be asked to provide to the cashier the last four digits of your Device Account Number instead of the last few digits of your card number. (find this number within the Wallet App settings menu on your device)
  • Note: The merchant may require you to make the return using the original card method used to make the purchase. Therefore, if purchased with Mobile Pay, must be returned with Mobile Pay; if purchased with the physical card, must be returned using the physical card.


  • If your card is in the OFF position within CardValet, you may not be able to complete the authentication.