Debit Card

Click Here to notify SNBT immediately if your card gets lost or stolen . Call 800-554-8969 for lost, found, or stolen Debit Cards.
Your go Anywhere, Real-Time Payments Option
Manage and Protect your Debit Card from Fraud
  • Accessing your cards through the SNBT Mobile Banking App is easy! All Debit Cards, for accounts you are linked to, are automatically loaded into Mobile Banking.
  • Download the standalone CardValet App to receive all of the features of CardValet. Only through the standalone App will you receive real-time alerts on Debit Card transactions.
  • With CardValet, you are at the frontline of stopping, and reporting fraud in its tracks! Once you receive an alert, you can open the SNBT Mobile Banking App to block your card and monitor your transactions.
  • Turn your Debit Card ON and OFF, set locations where the card can be used, receive transaction alerts... and more!
  • Watch our CardValet tutorial - Learn how to set up usage restrictions, receive alerts when a restricted card is used, and manage ON and OFF controls.

Visit your App Store to download the CardValet App and start receiving notifications today!

Making Purchases with your Debit Card is Easy

Enjoy these Benefits:

  • Manage and protect your card with CardValet. Know how, when, and where your card is used. Watch the CardValet tutorial.
  • Receive enhanced security with our Chip Card.
  • Read the Facts: Chip Card payments, security that works
  • Access your money at ATMs, merchants, or online. 
  • Purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account. 
  • Track your spending with Bank OnlineBanklineMobile Banking
  • If your card gets lost or stolen, notify SNBT immediately. Call this number for lost, found, or stolen Debit Cards: 800-554-8969
  • Your Debit Card is monitored for potential fraud using Fraud Detective
  • If you would like to change your daily limit, or plan to make a large purchase, please call SNBT at 715-732-1732. 

NOTE: Cards that are inactive or in a restrictive status may be subject to closure.

Learn the difference between PIN and Signature
At most merchants you can choose to sign the receipt instead of using your PIN, ask the cashier to guide you. 

Signature transactions 

  • Limit of $3,000 over a rolling 3 day period 
  • For merchant transactions, simply choose “credit” and you will sign the keypad or printed receipt. 
  • Merchants will send us the purchase total for authorization. This amount is placed on hold and removed from your available balance immediately. The hold is released after approximately 72 hours or when the transaction clears, whichever comes first. 

PIN transactions

  • Simply punch in your PIN on the keypad 
  • Daily limit of $510 in a 24 hour period 
  • Allows you to receive cash back 
  • No fee to receive cash back from merchant purchases 
  • The funds are deducted from your account immediately 

Be careful: If you re-try a declined transaction multiple times it may cause your card to become locked and unable to be used for any transaction. Call us to have the lock-out removed at 715-732-1732. 

Reasons your Debit Card could be Declined
  • Your transaction is over the daily limit— Using your PIN on a transaction that exceeds $510 at a merchant or ATM. To avoid this, choose “credit” and sign the receipt, when you complete a signature-based transaction your daily limit is higher. 
  • Your purchase may overdraw your account— Due to Federal regulations, we may not be able to process a Debit Card transaction that would cause your account to become overdrawn. Contact our Customer Support Department to Opt In to allow these transactions to complete. 
  • The merchant has a pre-determined transaction amount— For example, when paying at the gas pump, the gas station may automatically hold $100 before gas is pumped, once the transaction is complete, that money is released and you are charged only for the amount of your gas purchase. 
  • Your transactions have been flagged as suspicious by Fraud Detective because they may be outside your ‘normal’ Debit Card usage patterns. Learn more about Fraud Detective.

Tips to Avoid Denied Debit Card Transactions 

  • Monitor your balance using: Bank Online, Mobile Banking, Bankline, and eStatements. 
  • Keep your check register up-to-date and be sure to deduct all withdrawals — including recurring automatic bill payments, ATM transactions, bank fees, Debit Card purchases, and online payments. 
  • Remember that the balance on your ATM receipt, Bank Online, or Bankline may not reflect some outstanding transactions. 
  • Notify SNBT before you plan on traveling and be sure we have your current daytime phone number, particularly your cell phone number to ensure you can be contacted. 
  • Keep extra money in your account just to be safe. 
  • Promptly compare your check register and your bank statement to look for errors or unauthorized transactions. 
  • Be aware that each transaction may be presented to an account at different times. 

Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) Service by Mastercard®

ABU is a new technology that automatically verifies and submits new and updated debit card information to participating merchants that you have authorized to maintain your card information on file. 

How ABU works: Your utility bill is set up for recurring monthly payments using your debit card number. Consequently, the merchant keeps your debit card number on file. If the utility company is a participating ABU merchant, and your debit card is opted-in to ABU, when your debit card is reissued with an extended expiration date your utility bill will continue to be paid without interruption. You will not need to contact the utility company.

All customers are opted-in automatically, print the Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater Service Opt-Out Form if you wish to opt-out of this helpful service and prohibit the submission of your debit card information through the Mastercard ABU service. Sign and return this form to SNBT. (A separate form must be completed for each debit card number. Please note, if you choose to opt-out, you will need to contact your merchants on your own in order to prevent denials due to changes to your card.

As always, we encourage alternatives to linking recurring payments to your debit card. For instance, using the bank routing number and your account number to debit your checking account directly.

Frequently Asked Question regarding ABU
What happens if I order a replacement debit card (new card number, new expiration date)?
  • Opt-in to ABU – An updated record will be sent to the Mastercard Network.
  • Opt-out of ABU – No record will be sent to the Mastercard Network.
What happens when my debit card is closed, lost, or stolen?
  • Opt-in to ABU – A closed record will be sent to the Mastercard Network.
  • Opt-out of ABU – No record will be sent to the Mastercard Network.
What happens when my debit card expires and I receive a re-issued debit card (same card number, extended expiration date)?
  • Opt-in to ABU – The updated expiration date will be sent to the Mastercard Network.
  • Opt-out of ABU – No record will be sent to the Mastercard Network.
I have tried to cancel my membership/billing with a merchant with no success?
  • We will close your current debit card and order you a replacement debit card containing a new card number and expiration date. You will need to sign an ABU Opt-out form to prevent the merchant from obtaining your new card information.
How can I find out if a merchant participates in this service?
  • Participation in this service is at each merchant’s discretion. Participant information is not accessible or shared by the Mastercard Network with the Bank.

Please remember that we do not have a list of participating merchants, so we advise that whenever there is a change to your debit card, you should contact your merchant to update your debit card information for uninterrupted service.

Pick your own PIN for Debit Cards
  • Change your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) without the hassle of coming into the bank! Call 1-800-992-3808 anytime 24/7, from any phone.
  • Allows you to activate your unique PIN when you receive a new card in the mail, plus you can change your PIN at any time.
  • The sophisticated security prompts you to answer identifying questions allowing only you to make PIN changes.
  • Select a PIN that you'll remember, but don't make it easy for others to guess. Avoid using combinations such as '0000' or '1234' or the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

Always keep your PIN and Passwords secure. NEVER give them to anyone. Though we may send periodic emails about eBanking enhancements and other bank news, we will NEVER call or send emails requesting you to “verify” your personal information. If you receive a suspicious email or phone call claiming to be from us, do not hesitate to contact SNBT to confirm its validity.