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Home improvement tools. Smart Uses for a Home Equity Line of Credit 
 Homeowners may be tempted to take out a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) to satisfy their immediate needs or wants. 
House keys. Housing Terms to Know Before Buying or Renting 
 If you are in the market to buy or become a renter, familiarize yourself with these common housing terms. 
Coins with plant growing from them 10 Tips to Green Your Home & Save Money 
 Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, chances are you care about protecting the environment - and saving money. 
Family Enjoys the new home they purchased with a loan from The Stephenson National Bank & Trust 5 Questions When Choosing Your First Home 
 Moving into your own place can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Consider the following questions when choosing your own home. 
Apply for your first home online with our Online Mortgage Center. 6 Ways to Save for Your Down Payment 
 Before you can make the transition from renting to owning a home, you will need to have a substantial down payment. 
A woman painting the wall green. 6 Items for Your New Home's To-Do List 
 Now that you're settled into your new home, there are six important things you need to consider. 
A white house. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
If you have a question about your mortgage, here is a resource for free help, additional information, and answers to questions.
Business man checking phone messages 7 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score
An important step to finding a home, whether you're renting or buying, is ensuring that you have a good credit history.

Financial Health

Woman using her lap top to bank online.

Request Your Annual Credit Report
Read here how to find ways to keep up and maintain your credit reports. Learn how to get FREE credit report and how to read it.

Water dripping to referencing the small drips in your personal budget

Small Drips in Your Personal Budget?
A small savings leak can lead to a flood of money that could have been places in your rainy day savings account. Learn how to stop these budget drips.
Protect your computer with these three ways to secure your information. Protecting yourself from Identity Theft
It isn't hard as long as you have useful information to help you out. There are do-it-yourself tips and software programs that make it difficult for a criminal to hack your personal information.
vision of the perfect retirement to a tropical island, free from care and worry 7 Pointers to Help Seniors Live at Home Longer
The vast majority of older Americans want to remain in their homes as they grow older. The following are some tips for those considering this option.

Articles for College and Graduate Students

College student doing his banking from his phone. College Doesn't Have to be a Dept Trap
The increasing costs of higher education are a part of our current reality, but breaking the bank doesn't have to be.
College boy on campus, using his phone to do his banking. Financial Tips for College Students
College students are managing their finances alone for the first time. Here are a few tips to help freshman manage their finances away from home.
Students attending college these days have a lot on their mind, and let’s face it, identity theft probably isn’t one of them. How Will You Pay for College?
You might be wondering how you're going to help pay for post-secondary education. The best way to pay for college is to be a smart consumer.
Young woman using her laptop to bank online. Avoid These Common Mistakes When Starting Out
College graduates may be ready to take on the 'real world' but will they be prepared to encounter - and survive - some of the most common financial mistakes.
Woman applying for a loan from her laptop. Grads Living at Home, a Path to Independence
Parents can learn to collaborate together with young adults in order to help them achieve financial independence while living at home post graduation.

Debit & Credit Articles

Capital One Breach - Cardholder Fraud Education
A hacker gained access to more than 100 million Capital One customers' accounts and credit card applications earlier this year. Although only Capital One customers are impacted by this breach, we consider this the perfect opportunity to remind everyone of how stolen information is used to commit fraud. Read more here about how to keep your information safe.
A person makes a purchase with their debit card while shopping oneline on their laptop. Protect Your Financial Data with your Credit Report
When was the last time you checked your credit report?Your credit score affects many aspects of your life. From interest rates on large purchases to applying for a job.
With each transaction you perform, a unique code is transmitted between the card chip and the merchant’s chip-friendly terminal. Therefore, if a chip transaction were intercepted, the information could not be used again. That is why it is so difficult to copy or counterfeit a chip card. Debit Card Tips You Should Know
Learn about debit card limits, the difference between PIN and Signature Based transactions and how to avoid overdrawing your account while using your ATM.
Woman smiling with her laptop.
Smart Credit Matters
Learn what a credit score is, why a good credit score is important, and what actions will positively or negatively impact your score.
A man holding a blue debit card. Overdraft Protection: Is it right for you?
Sometimes mistakes happen, which may cause you to overdraw your account. There are services to help protect you from paying major fees.

Savings Articles

CD Laddering to Maximize Your Returns
Learn from smart investors how to set up a CD strategy that helps you maximize on the best interest rates, while still enjoying flexibility.
Use your CD to Stretch Your Dollars
Did you know that you can use your Certificate of Deposit (CD) as collateral to secure a loan? This is a little-known, and under-utilized option that can be used to make a purchase.
Chalkboard with the letters A B C written on it. ABCs of Different Ways to Save
All good savings plans start with setting money aside before you have a chance to spend it. Learn a few 'Save First' techniques.
You can't begin to get a handle on your finances until you know how much money you make and how much money you spend, and on what. Take a month to chart your finances, and get organized. Tally every expense, and then break them down into fixed and variable expenses. Financial Fitness Tips
Getting a handle on your finances can seem like a massive chose. Just like organizing the garage, getting financially fit takes planning and dedication.

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