Your Choice Rewards

You choose the reward! Whether you want to be reimbursed for ATM fees or earn rewards for using your Debit Card; either way, we have a reward for you!

Choose either reward, credited to your account each statement cycle:
  • ATM Rewards - ATM surcharges* refunded up to $15 OR
  • Debit Rewards - $.10 cash back on every Debit Card purchase up to $5

Plus these additional eBanking services:

Open a Your Choice Rewards account now!

Minimum balances and account requirements:
  • $5,000 combined balance* between Checking/Savings/CD/Loans AND
  • At least one Direct Deposit of $25 or more per statement cycle AND
  • Make 8 ATM and/or Debit Card purchases per statement cycle*
$10.00 service charge and forfeiture of rewards if requirements are not met

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