Resolve to Save for Retirement

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save for your retirement and their future.The hectic holidays have passed, and the time for New Year's resolutions has arrived. Let’s make 2016 the year you commit to saving for retirement. Here at The Stephenson National Bank & Trust, we have the area’s largest team of Retirement Experts, and we go to great lengths to ensure our team has the most advanced training available. Don’t wait to make an appointment with a Retirement Expert. The sooner you can develop a comprehensive retirement plan, the sooner you can relax knowing you have a trusted advisor who will monitor it and ensure it is on track with your goals. Now, that’s a resolution you can actually keep!

Suggestions to get your resolution started:

Take a Look at the Big Picture – Take a moment to visualize what you want your retirement to look like. Do you want to travel, downsize/remodel your house, or move to a warmer climate? Whatever your vision is, a comprehensive plan will help you make the necessary adjustments to achieve those goals. What can a Retirement Expert do for you?

Be Sure to Plan – Remember that Retirement Planning is a process, it takes into account your current assets, debt, taxes, insurance, and estate plans. All too often, one or more of these components are missed in a poorly executed plan which can lead to shortfalls. By discussing your goals with a Retirement Expert you can both decide the right way to get closer to your desired result.

Take Stock of What You Have – Gather important documents and have them ready for your meeting with your Retirement Expert. To really get an idea of how to execute your strategy, be sure to look at your entire financial portfolio. This includes employer-sponsored plans, checking, savings, debts, insurances, tax records, and monthly expenses to name a few. Your Retirement Expert will approach your strategy using these documents to determine where there may be shortfalls and how they can be filled.

Determine What You Will Need – Because there isn’t a crystal ball to see the future, some important factors may change between now and when you retire, even if you factor in cost of living and tax increases, and estimate the number of years you're likely to spend in retirement. Your Retirement Expert will give guidance on these aspects as the two of you determine which type of resources, other than your retirement savings, can be used to cover unplanned expenses. Play around with our Calculators to help you look into the for your retirement and their future

Do Not ‘Go It’ Alone – A Retirement Expert is by your side throughout the whole planning process and will continue to monitor your strategy on a regular basis. They use their ongoing training to learn new rules and regulations, understand market fluctuations, and provide an objective eye on each financial component. Even if you already have a strategy in place and just want a second opinion to ensure it is on track, the SNBT Retirement Experts are available.

Bottom Line – Your retirement future is too important to leave to chance. You have the opportunity NOW to make it comfortable. Don’t wait to give your plan some professional direction, meet with a Retirement Expert today and get on the right road to a secure financial future. Read additional resources such as: Retirement Plan Considerations at Different Stages of Life.

Take the first step toward keeping your resolution by setting up an appointment with a Retirement Expert today, by calling 715-732-1732. We’ll help guide you on your next step toward retirement with ease.

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