Retirement Planning

Turn to The Retirement Experts®

No matter where you are in the process – getting started, growing your plan, or living in retirement -  The Retirement Experts  will help you take the next steps in confidence. If you’re looking for hands-on support or just reassurance that you’re making sound decisions, we will provide personalized guidance so you can focus on what matters most in your life.

We believe it is never too early or too late to begin planning for retirement. Nowadays, few people can rely on company pension plans to fully fund retirement; even social security is becoming a concern. In the end, many are left to fund a majority of their retirement needs with their own savings.

We have the largest team of Retirement Experts ready to partner with you to:

  • Give you a glimpse at the many savings options available
  • Present a total financial picture using multiple savings sources 
  • Identify the optimal way to save given your unique situation
  • Offer clear strategies to begin saving immediately


SNBT Trust Department, Left to right First Row: Jeff Bauman, Kadie Truitt, Heather Addison, Greg Salmen, Dan Peterson, Mike Kolasa, Pam Allen, Kelly Rusch; Middle Row: Karen Kolstad, Mark Adamek, Theresa O'Brien, Jodi Swiatnicki, Paul Aftanas, Amy DeKing, Cathy Hipke, Dave Denby, Josh Nerat; Top Row: Dina Loomis, Kiley Allard, Jeanie Danielak, Sam Hofer, Cari McPheeters-Brown, Karen Fehrenbach

Trust and Investment Department
Middle Row: Karen KolstadMark AdamekTheresa O'Brien, Jodi Swiatnicki, Paul Aftanas, Amy DeKing, Cathy Hipke, Dave DenbyJosh Nerat
Top Row:   Dina LoomisKylie Allard, Jeanie DanielakSam Hofer, Cari McPheeters-Brown, Karen Fehrenbach

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