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 A picture of part of a social security card. Social Security & Medicare Trustees Reports
The newest reports,released on July 13, 2017, discuss the ongoing financial challenges that both programs face, and project a Social Security cost-of-living adjustment for 2018.
A man on his laptop learning more about his retirement plan. 10 Years: Points to Consider as You Approach Retirement
If you're a decade or so away from retirement, you've probably spend at least some time thinking will changes in your income sources affect your standard living?
Save as a family with options from The Stephenson National Bank & Trust Retirement Plan is Key to Confidence
Retirement confidence is highest among workers who say they or their spouse have a retirement plan, such as work-sponsored plan or an individual retirement account (IRA).

vision of the perfect retirement to a tropical island, free from care and worry Have You Saved Enough to Retire?
Do you need to keep working part-time? How will you pay for an unexpected medical bill? These questions keep many boomers up at night.
A young couple in front of their new home holding their baby. Retirement Considerations at Different Stages of Life
Whether you've just taken your first job, are starting a family, or enjoying your peak earning years, your employer-sponsored retirement plan can play a key role in your financial strategies.
A man on his bike enjoying his time before retirement. Don't Let Retirement Savings Goal Get You Down
Ever feel like you'll never reach the summit of your retirement planning goal?
A couple meeting with a business woman. CD Laddering to Maximize Your Returns
Learn from smart investors how to set up a CD strategy that helps you maximize on the best interest rates, while still enjoying flexibility.
A stack of money with a lock wrapped around it. Will You Outlive Your Retirement Savings?
Learn more about Sustainable Retirement Income by recognizing your vision of retirement and planning for the unexpected along the way.
With the help of the SNBT Retirement Experts you'll be better able to navigate the road to retirement. Ten Strategic Retirement Savings Moves
Your Retirement concerns are unique, therefore your approach to retirement planning is also unique. Take a look at the 10 non-negotiable moves you should be making for the next important event in your life.
A woman graduating from college or high school Congrats Graduates! Now Start Saving for Retirement
By starting to save for retirement now, graduate have the most important tool on their side: time.

IRA Articles

retirement means spending more time with your grandkids, whats your retirement vision Inherited IRAs and Bankruptcy
Read on to learn of the Supreme Court's decision regarding inherited IRAs. The Court concluded that they are not protected "retirement funds" under federal law.

Social Security Articles

Retirement is made easy at The Stephenson National Bank & Trust Complete Guide to Planning Social Security
A guide that thoroughly explains the details of Social Security, including: how to qualify, benefit information, how to sign-up, and answers to important questions.
Start saving today for a secure retirement Benefit Basics
Skim a quick synopsis of the basics regarding your Social Security benefits. It can help you get a picture of whether or not to delay retirement.
An elderly couple learning about the myths and facts of retirement. Myths and Facts
Finally put to rest some of the Social Security myths that you may have heard and learn the truth about this supplemental income.
An elderly man outside on his tablet learning about the security of Social Security. How Secure is Social Security
The question that's been burning in people's minds for years is answered in a short article about the solvency of Social Security.
A 62 year-old man on the phone finding out if he is eligible for Social Security. What You Should Do at Age 62
If you're eligible, 62 could be your lucky number! That is the earliest age you can start receiving Social Security retirement benefits.
An elderly woman is about to learn about four things older women need to know about social security. 4 Things Women Need to Know
A quick read that explains how Social Security can protect you and your family and how you can qualify for more benefits.
An elderly couple sitting on a couch with a laptop on their laps. Claiming Strategies for Couples
There are myriad ways to approach Social Security retirement benefits for you and your spouse. Learn a few of the options.
A daughter and her older mother hugging and smiling. What's Your Optimum Age to Claim Social Security?
A lack of basic knowledge and misconceptions about Social Security may be hindering retirees' ability to make informed decisions about when to claim their benefits, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau