Banker Bear wearing a yellow construction hard hatSNBT has a multi-phase transformation plan for the SNBT Offices that began in 2017. The result will save you time and increase convenience, as well as expand the level of service and knowledgeable staff at SNBT.

The new Marinette drive-up is now open! You'll enjoy WIDER lanes, 3 eTeller ATMs, and a Night Deposit.

Transformation Timeline:
December 13 - New Marinette Drive-Up opens at 8am *NOW OPEN*
To be determined - Remove Marinette Drive-Up Building
New Drive-Up Advantages
  • Easy entrance and exit
  • WIDER lanes to accommodate larger vehicles
  • 3 eTeller ATMs
  • Night Deposit
  • Compact size allows more parking at our SNBT Marinette Campus
Photos of new Marinette Drive-Up

You’ll enjoy the convenience of Full-Service eTellers
  • We’ll no longer have the antiquated tubes, drawers, and speaker system. You'll finally be able to have face-to-face conversations with your SNBT banker. This provides a more personal, interactive, and paperless experience.
  • You’ll enjoy extended, 24-hour banking service using the eTeller.
  • No deposit slips required! Drive-Up eTellers can accept customer deposits of currency and checks in one transaction – no envelopes, no worries. Insert up to 50 bills and checks in one transaction – they don’t need to be separated, or fed one-by-one, the eTeller can read them regardless of how they’re oriented. Just straighten them and put them in the slot. Each piece will be counted, and you can receive a totaled receipt with check images printed on it as proof of deposit.
  • Consistency – The best part is that you’ll see the same local team of friendly faces no matter which SNBT eTeller you visit.
  • Bank How You Like - Self-Service transaction with your Debit Card or Face-to-Face Assistance (No Debit Card Needed) with an Interactive Service Associate (ISA) by video. Just tap the touchscreen HELP button and the ISA will walk you through your transactions, just as a banker would in person. By using video assistance, you can cash checks to the penny, make loan payments, and much more. The ISAs are available Monday - Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturday from 9am to Noon.
  • eTellers allow more Drive-Up lanes to accommodate business customers and their transactions. So, the lines will move quicker getting you in and out of the bank faster.
  • Plus, this change provides our bank staff with a safe and centrally located work area.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why close the Drive-Ups?
  • This decision did not come lightly, but was a result of many discussions. We cited issues with the antiquated tube, drawer, and speaker system. Plus, with the increased use of our eTellers, we can shift employees into new roles throughout the bank.
  •  In Marinette, the building has significant structural issues that can only be addressed through closure. In addition, this closure will help us prepare for our multi-phase transformation of the entire SNBT Marinette Campus. 
  • The end result will make any inconveniences during construction worthwhile for both the customers and employees. As always, customer service is our goal and will maintain our superior level of service throughout the project.
Are you closing The Piggly Wiggly Office?
  • The Piggly Wiggly isn’t closing, it’s Evolving. We are converting it to an eBranch with full-service banking using eTellers. We partnered with the Witt family on a cooperative agreement to share the space in a mutually beneficial way.
Where will the current staff go?
  • During this entire transformation, NO reductions in staffing have been - or will be made, and any Drive-Up bankers have been redeployed within the SNBT team. You will work with them as eTeller video operators, in the lobby, or over the phone.

As a Business, can I still call-in my cash & rolled coin orders?

  • Yes, we will continue accepting phone-in orders for businesses. As always, the best practice is to ensure your order details are prepared beforehand. This will ensure an efficient exchange. To save time, we recommend calling in your order so we can have it ready for pickup at the teller line when you arrive. The more time the better, but no matter what we will do the best we can to serve you promptly.
Will Menominee allow currency/coin exchanges on Saturdays?
  • The tubes and drawer are not designed to handle the weight or bulk of coin and currency orders, so we strongly encourage you to pick up your order in the lobby before the weekend. Equipment failure resulting from coin and currency orders is part of the reason we are upgrading the Marinette Drive-Up.

What are the other project phases?

  • Not all of the details have been finalized, yet. One thing is certain, SNBT is growing and we need more space for our staff - that is our first area of concern with this transformation. The second thing we are creating is a banking environment that remains relevant for our customers both today and in the future. To accomplish this, we are taking into consideration the way in which our customers prefer to do their banking. As more details become finalized, we’ll be sharing them with you. In the meantime, stay updated on the progress of the project by returning to this page often.

How are you deciding on the details of the phases?

  • The bank has hired a consulting firm to help us make those design decisions. We will continue to work with them on ways to improve efficiency and staffing space.

Will there be Sunday banking hours?

  • The eTeller will continue to be available seven days a week. This machine accepts mixed deposits of cash and checks, up to 50 pieces at a time and also allows for cash withdrawals using your Debit Card. By using the eTeller, you’ll enjoy 24-hour banking service. That’s 168 hours a week of Drive-Up availability. Video assistance will not be available on Sundays.