Certificates of Deposit

  • Choose from a wide variety of terms to meet your investment needs.
  • Ladder CD maturities to maximize your returns
  • Use your CD to stretch your dollars

24-Month Homebuyer CD

Save money toward the down payment of your dream home

  • Deposit a minimum $100 to open
  • Interest is compounded quarterly
  • Deposit any amount at any time without restriction
  • Free consultation with a Loan Officer
  • To avoid the substantial early withdrawal penalty, present a current Residential Offer to the Purchase agreement if you plan to remove the money before the 24 months is over.

Certificates of Deposit Rates

*Effective as of 7/28/2021

Certificates of DepositCD AmountInterest RateAPY*Compounded
6 Month$2,5000.17%0.17%Semi-Annually
12 Month$1,0000.27%0.27%Quarterly
12 Month Add-On**$1000.22%0.22%Quarterly
18 Month Special$5,0000.35%0.35%Quarterly
24 Month$1,0000.32%0.32%Quarterly
24 Month Homebuyer**$1000.32%0.32%Quarterly
36 Month$1,0000.42%0.42%Quarterly
48 Month$1,0000.47%0.47%Quarterly
*Your interest rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) may change at our discretion, at any time without notice.
**Special Account Features:
12 Month Add-On CD - Additions Allowed Any Time, Any Amount.
24 Month Homebuyer - Additions Allowed Any Time, Any Amount.
A Penalty May Be Imposed For Early Withdrawal of CDs.
Fees Could Reduce The Earnings. All Rates Are Subject To Change Without Notice.