Your Personal Representative

Ready and empowered to administer the following financial affairs:

  • Locate, inventory, and safeguard all estate assets, and establish fair appraisal values for tax and accounting purposes
  • Provide continuing management for all investment assets, including income-producing real estate and business interests
  • Pay from your estate funeral expenses, legitimate claims of creditors, and administration expenses
  • Collect all debts owed to your estate and be prepared to defend your estate against invalid or improper claims
  • Assume responsibility for the filing of all estate, inheritance, income, or gift tax returns required by State or Federal authorities
  • Keep detailed records of all income, expenses, and estate transactions, and render an accounting to the court and to beneficiaries
  • Distribute your estate in accordance with the provisions of your Will and/or Trust agreement

“We do not plan for ourselves, we plan for our families.”