Meet the members of our leadership team who have helped build SNBT. Our senior management team is comprised of locals - just like you, some of us may even be your neighbors. That's why we're in it for the long haul - today and tomorrow.

It's all about being LOCAL

SNBT is locally owned and managed by people who are involved in our community. Rest assured, we do not make decisions based on policies put in place by executives living halfway across the country who are unfamiliar with our community. We know our customers and make decisions based on your specific situation utilizing our proven, successful standards. We live, work, and play alongside of you, so we truly do understand local needs and opportunities.

Senior Management Team

Daniel J. Peterson

President & CEO

Greg Salmen

Executive Vice President & Trust Manager

Kathleen Bergquist

Senior Vice President & Chief HR Officer

Beth Durow

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Charlie Cappaert

Senior Vice President & Chief Lending Officer

Jeff Wilinski

Senior Vice President & IT Manager

Elisa Rollo

Senior Vice President & Chief Retail Officer

Brooke Frehse

Vice President & Risk Management Officer

Justin Wroblewski

Vice President, Business Loan Officer, Retail Loan