Bank Online

Securely access your accounts, pay bills, perform payroll operations, scan and deposit checks, view electronic statements, and more!

Business Bank Online Enrollment

To Enroll for Business Bank Online, please visit any SNBT office location to meet with a Personal Banker. Or you may contact Adam Orth

Business Bank Online

Your secure portal to access your SNBT business accounts at your convenience. Your account information is kept secure by using encryption technology, individual passwords for each authorized employee, and the ability to assign different access rights each user.

  • Access business account transactions, including check images. Log-In Now!
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Establish transfers among your SNBT Business Accounts to occur automatically on a requested date, select one-time or recurring transfers
  • Make loan payments online on demand or on a regular schedule
  • Assign individual employee login IDs as well as authority and rights
  • Download transactions to Quickbooks, Quicken, Excel, and other programs

With Business Bank Online, you can also add the following features:

Online Bill Pay

Automate your bill payment process for recurring payments or one-time payments from anywhere you can access the internet.

  • Save money! Fewer checks, postage, and mileage to the post office
  • Save stress! Reduce the likelihood of late charges or missed payments
  • Save time! Faster than writing checks, stuffing envelopes, and posting payments

Electronic Payments/Collections/ACH

Whether you want to simplify your employee payroll processing or receivable collections, our ACH system is an easy way to accomplish it all.

  • Automatically collect payments with direct deposit of membership dues, bills, recurring payments, etc. 
  • Electronically send payments to vendors, allowing you to maximize discounts
  • Facilitate your employee payroll processing with Direct Deposits
  • Reduce the expense of paper checks, processing costs, and reconciling time

Desktop Deposits

Stay right at your desk and make “same day” deposits until 6:00 p.m. CST. Save all those extra trips to the bank and run your business more efficiently. This is the solution if your business receives a large quantity or high dollar amount of payments by check. 

  • Convenient: Scan checks daily directly from your office, 7 days a week
  • Saves time and money: Reduce or eliminate daily bank visits or delayed deposits
  • Accelerate availability of cash: Speed up collection of customer payments
  • Efficient: Automate deposit tickets, access check images, and generate reports
  • Easy: We will come to your site and train your designated employees


Receive your statements faster than by mail with secure electronic statements.

  • Reduces likelihood of mail fraud
  • Receive statements several days sooner than postal mail
  • Enable your accountant to immediately see the statements once available
  • Receive an electronic notification when statements are available
  • Save space with electronic filing of statements
  • Access previous statements online