What is Positive Pay?

Each day, Positive Pay compares the checks and electronic debits you’ve presented for payment against those you’ve issued to help prevent unauthorized or fraudulent transactions from clearing your business account. Ultimately, your business always decides whether to accept the check or not. This powerful tool to protects your business against fraud, improves efficiency, and provides greater peace of mind.

Fraud Identification

Dramatically reduces the chances of fraud by identifying fake or altered checks and filtering fraudulent or unauthorized ACH transactions. It’s like having a set of robotic eyes reviewing your payments.


Every check or electronic payment presented is automatically verified. Prevent payment of duplicate checks & protect against lost or stolen checks. Authorized transactions will clear your account while unauthorized items are flagged for approval or returned

You're in Control

If a mismatch occurs, you’ll receive an alert. You can decide whether the item is legitimate or fraudulent and can reject the item before any money leaves your account. You have the final say with Positive Pay.