Refer-a-Friend to SNBT and receive $25.

As a valued customer of The Stephenson National Bank & Trust, you’re already familiar with our knowledgeable staff and our incomparable customer service, as well as the variety of innovative accounts and services we offer to meet your financial needs.

But have you spread the word?

Don’t you want your friends and family to have the same positive banking experience? Then, don’t hesitate to refer them to SNBT!

Referring friends and family is easy:

Just print the Refer-a-Friend form, fill in your details, and give it to your friend/family member/co-worker/etc. When he or she presents the completed form and opens a new savings, checking, money market account, or loan at SNBT*. Not only will he or she be getting the best banking experience, but you will receive $25 in your account and they’ll get $10! That’s right, we’ll give you $25 for every person you refer! For simply doing what you already do — for telling everyone you know that SNBT is My Bank For Good!

Plus, your friend will be relieved to know that SNBT takes the hassle out of switching their banking relationship by doing all the paperwork for them!

  1. Print the form, fill out your information, and give it to a friend.
  2. Have your friend bring the form to SNBT when they open a new account.
  3. We will deposit $25 into your account, and $10 into the new customer’s!*

P.S. The best part is, there is no limit to the number of new customers you can refer—or the amount of money you will receive*. So Refer-a-Friend (or 2 or 3!) and share in the benefits of banking with us.

* To qualify as a “new customer” the person: Does not already have a deposit account when new deposit account is opened; Does not already have a loan when new loan is opened; Is a loan customer without a deposit account; or Is a deposit customer without a loan. Accounts excluded from this promotion are: CD/IRA, Minor Savings, Club Account, Safe Deposit Box, Credit Card, or Ready Credit. Rewards will be deposited into your account and into the new customer’s account and will be reflected on the corresponding month’s statement. The information on this form will be used solely by SNBT and will not be shared with any outside parties or sold for any purpose. This card serves as a one-time waiver of privacy rights by both parties, whereas each may be aware of the presence of an account relationship. A 1099 will be issued if bonuses total $600 or more for the calendar year. You will be responsible for applicable taxes.