Interactive Video Player - Zelle


Zelle®: Send money to people you trust

Whether it's saving you a trip to the ATM or taking out the guesswork of divvying up the lunch tab, Zelle is a fast, safe, and easy way to send and request money. Click Here to Watch the Zelle Tutorial.

Interactive Video Player - Business Bank Online: Powerful cash management tool

Business Bank Online: Powerful cash management tool

With Business Bank Online, you can save time, improve your cash flow, and streamline your cash management procedures all in a fully secure environment. Click Here to watch the Business Bank Online Tutorial.

Interactive Video Player - Mobile for Business

Mobile for Business: Secure access to your accounts

Business doesn't stop just because you're away from the office, and some of those important financial decisions can't wait until you get back. Click Here to see why SNBT Mobile for Business can be such a crucial tool for your company.

Interactive Video Player - Business Bill Pay

Business Bill Pay: Fast & easy way to pay bills

Quickly and conveniently pay any bill online that you pay today by check. Enjoy many features that make it easy to run your business more efficiently. Click Here to Watch the Business Bill Pay Tutorial.

Interactive Video Player - Notifi

Notifi: Be notified with realtime eAlerts

Combat fraud by receiving account alerts straight to your phone. As soon as a transaction is posted to your account, receive a text or email alerting you to the activity. Choose alerts such as Security, Balance, Transaction, Transfer, Loans, Debit Cards, and more. Click Here to Watch the eAlerts Tutorial.

Interactive Video Player - Credit Score


Credit Score: Stay on top of your credit

Your Credit Score is available through SNBT Bank Online and Mobile Banking! Credit Sense is a free service that gives you access to your FULL Credit Report and Score, plus it monitors your Credit Report and informs you of any big changes. Click Here to Watch the Credit Sense Tutorial.

Interactive Video Player - Mobile Pay

Mobile Pay: Turn your phone into your secure wallet

Ready to go shopping using your cell phone? Watch this video to learn more about the convenience and security of Mobile Pay. Instead of carrying cash, use your phone with your SNBT Debit Card for a simple and highly secure way to pay almost anywhere you shop! Click Here to Watch the Mobile Pay Tutorial.

Interactive Video Player - CardValet

Card Management: Manage and protect your Debit Card

Watch this video to learn more about the convenience of controlling how, when, and where your Debit Card can be used. You'll learn how to set-up usage restrictions, receive alerts when your card is used, and manage which Debit Card is active. Click Here to Watch the Card Management Tutorial.

Debit Card Management Demo

Take a click by click tour through the Debit Card Management features offered in Mobile Banking!

Interactive Video Player -Chip Cards

Chip Cards: Enhanced Security Debit Cards

Learn more about how the chip in your Debit Card helps better protect you from fraud and counterfeiting. Your chip card has the same enhanced technology that has been proven to reduce counterfeit fraud. Click Here to Watch the Chip Card Tutorial.

Interactive Video Player - Online Banking Tutorial

Online Banking Tutorial

Learn more about how to use SNBT Bank Online. This step-by-step tutorial will provide you with all the necessary information needed to learn how to use our Online Banking service. The video demonstrates, in detail, how to navigate your account along with the enrollment process! Click Here to Watch the Online Banking Tutorial.

Bank Online Simulation

Take the controls using this interactive demonstration. Begin by making up an imaginary access ID and password, this will allow you to proceed through the hands-on demonstration. From transactions to paying bills, you can learn it all with our Bank Online Demo.

Interactive Video Player - Online Bill Pay Tutorial

Online Bill Pay Tutorial

It's Easy, Fast, and Secure - It's SNBT's Online Bill Pay! This tutorial will have you paying your bills online in no time with the Quick Tour, Features, and a detailed explanation of the Enrollment Process. Make your payments easier and Click Here to Watch the Online Bill Pay Video.

Bill Pay Simulation

Navigate the interactive demonstration of SNBT's Online Bill Pay. This click-by-click demonstration allows you to play around in a sample bill pay system. As you go, you'll learn how to make payments online while in the comfort of your own home. Get started using this interactive Bill Pay Demo.

Interactive Video Player - Mobile Banking Tutorial

Mobile Banking Tutorial

Take a Quick Tour of the features offered with Mobile Banking. This step-by-step video explains each feature in detail. You can access your Mobile Banking with your phone, tablet, or text message. Click Here to Watch the Mobile Banking Video Click Here to Watch the Mobile Banking Video.

Mobile Banking Simulation

Follow along with your mobile phone in this interactive simulation of the Mobile Banking features. This video first explains how to use Mobile Banking, step-by-step, then allows you to try everything you learned for yourself! Click Here to Learn More about Mobile Banking.

Interactive Video Player - Transfer Now Tutorial

Transfer Now Tutorial

SNBT knows that people keep their money in multiple places. We want our customers to have control over their finances, and you can with Transfer Now. This easy and secure way to transfer funds between financial institutions will put the control at your fingertips. Click Here to Watch the Transfer Now Video.

Interactive Video Player - Avoiding Identity Theft

Avoiding Identity Theft

The 3 steps for protecting your identity: Educate Yourself, Keep it to Yourself and Be Proactive. This video provides you with facts and strategies to avoid danger zones for identity theft. Click Here to Watch the ID Theft Video.

Interactive Video Player - Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

Having your debit card declined at the cash register can be an inconvenience. Don't worry! We have you covered with our overdraft service. Click Here to Watch the Overdraft Protection Video.