What do I need to open an account?
As a new customer, we need a government photo ID and a social security number, along with an opening deposit. If your ID does not show your current address, we need a piece of mail that has your current address on it. You can open an account online or at any of our banking offices.
How can I change my address?
We have a form that can be emailed, mailed, or signed in any office. Please make sure this is done before ordering checks or a new Debit Card.
What should I do if I lost my Debit Card?
Call Cardholder Services (available 24/7) right away at 715-732-1732. If you use Manage My Cards in Online or Mobile Banking, you can turn your card off until we get you a new card ordered. 
What should I do when I realize my account is overdrawn?
Make a deposit to your account to bring the balance back to positive. The sooner the better to avoid additional charges. If you are unable to make a deposit, call us at 715-732-1732.
Do I need a Debit/ATM Card to utilize the eTeller?
No, during banking hours simply tap the touchscreen “Help” icon and the next available banker will appear on screen to verify your identity and assist with transactions. You will need a valid form of ID or be able to identify yourself as the account owner.
What documents do I need to apply for a loan?
You will need your social security number and basic employment and income information to apply for a loan. Once we receive the application, we will determine if any additional information is required.
How do I make loan payments?
You can set up an automatic payment using Bank Online or by calling us at 715-732-1732. You may also mail a check to 1820 Hall Avenue, Marinette, WI 54143, or drop it off at one of our offices.
What should I do if I am unable to make a loan payment on time?
Please contact us as soon as possible at 715-732-1732.