Founded in 1874

While other banks come and go, we keep giving our customers what they expect: convenient, friendly service with innovative financial products.

Since we opened our doors in 1874, The Stephenson National Bank & Trust has weathered plenty of challenging times – wars, panics, and even the Great Depression. We have persevered and adapted and we plan to continue innovating to remain relevant and independent.

Ultimately, the reason for our success is our faithful customers. Whether you are a newcomer or one who has been a loyal customer for generations, your support is greatly appreciated.


Since 1874, when Isaac Stephenson formed the bank, there have been ten bank presidents. During that time we have witnessed tremendous growth.

Isaac Stephenson
Augustus C. Brown
No Records Available
Isaac Stephenson
No Records Available
John A. Van Cleve
$1.034 million (1899)
Harry J. Brown
$2.446 million (1938)
Harry L. Haslanger
$5.735 million (1952)
Frank J. Lauerman, Jr.
$6.971 million (1959)
Louis W. Staudenmaier
$32.243 million (1979)
Mary L. Staudenmaier
$146.945 million (2000)
John K. Reinke
$314.279 million (2013)
Daniel J. Peterson
$530.628 million (2019)


1874 – On October 30, 1874, Isaac Stephenson, J.W.P. Lombard, Samuel Stephenson, Robert Stephenson, and Augustus Spies signed the charter creating the Stephenson Banking company the first bank in the area. The five gentlemen pooled a total of $25,000 to form the capital base of the bank. The bank opened for business at 1910 Hall Avenue, Marinette.

1882 – Isaac Stephenson was elected to the first of his three terms to the House of Representatives.

1884 – Augustus C. Brown becomes president of the Stephenson Banking Company.

1887 – The once small unincorporated Village of Marinette received its charter as the City of Marinette.

1889 – The Stephenson Banking Company received a federal charter and became the Stephenson National Bank.

1890 – Isaac Stephenson returns as the president of the Stephenson National Bank.

1898 – John A. Van Cleve becomes the president of the Stephenson National Bank.

1900 – A new, modern facility is built at 1818 Hall Avenue on property formerly occupied by Hogan Shoe Store and the Colburn & Burlingame Grocery Store.

1907 – Isaac Stephenson is elected to fill out a term of office in the U.S. Senate and was subsequently re-elected for one term. No other resident of the community before or since attained such high office.

1920 – Harry J. Brown becomes president of the Stephenson National Bank.

1929 – A stock market crash marks the beginning of the Great Depression. During which time, the bank never closed it’s doors.

1938 – Harry L. Haslanger becomes president of the Stephenson National Bank.

1952 – Frank J. Lauerman, Jr. becomes president of the Stephenson National Bank.

1959 – Louis W. Staudenmaier becomes president of the Stephenson National Bank.

1969 – The new addition and renovation of the 1900 building are completed.

1973 – L. W. Staudenmaier applied for trust services and The Stephenson National Bank is granted fiduciary powers.

1978 – The Bank’s name is changed from The Stephenson National Bank of Marinette to The Stephenson National Bank and Trust.

1979 – Mary L. Staudenmaier becomes first woman president of The Stephenson National Bank and Trust.

1980 – Louis W. Staudenmaier died October 12 having spent the last thirty years in directing and managing the bank through asset growth of 600%. During his tenure, he was also committed to bringing ownership of the bank stock back to local control.

1982 – The bank library and additions to the employee’s lounge and the vault are completed.

1984 – Stephenson National Bancorp, Inc., a one bank holding company, is formed.

1991 – The bank’s remote drive-up facility is completed.

1992 – A major renovation of the bank begins.

1998 – Branch expansion begins - The first Branch is opened within the area’s largest supermarket, Angeli’s County Market, in Menominee, Michigan.

2000 – John K. Reinke becomes president of The Stephenson National Bank & Trust.

2001 – On June 29, Comptroller of the Currency grants approval to establish a branch in Oconto. On September 4, the branch opens in a mobile facility.

2002 – In June the bank’s Oconto office moves to newly completed building.

2002 – The bank’s third branch opens at 1111 10th Street, Menominee, Michigan.

2005 - Groundbreaking on August 9th for bank's expansion and renovation project at the Hall Avenue bank location.

2005 - On December 9th SNBT acquires Associated Bank in Oconto

2006 - Ribbon Cutting and Time Capsule Dedication on July 10th

2008 - Consolidation of Angeli's Supermarket Branch into Menominee Tenth Street office. Expanding the hours of that location and ultimately closing the Angeli's Branch.

2012 - SNBT Announces the opening of its Marquette Trust & Investment Services Office in Marquette, Michigan.

2013 - Daniel J. Peterson becomes president of The Stephenson National Bank & Trust.

2014 - The Menominee Office remodeling and construction project is completed in July, allowing for a more cohesive look to the exterior and interior of the office.

2014 - In October, SNBT expanded the bank's foot print to eight offices in three counties through a joint partnership with Bank North. As a result of this merger, SNBT gained offices in Amberg, Pembine, Wausaukee, and two in Crivitz. 

2018 - The SNBT eBranch inside Witt's Piggly Wiggly in Crivitz is renovated to usher in a new era of banking. The Office is equipped with 2 eTellers with live video Banker assistance.

2018 - The new location for SNBT in Wausaukee opened its doors and celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on October 25th. 

2019 - The new Commercial Loan Services Office in Green Bay, WI celebrated the grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 23rd.

2020 - Consolidation of the Witt's Piggly Wiggly eBranch into Crivitz Henriette Avenue office, ultimately uniting the two Crivitz offices.

2022 - An Employee Stock Ownership Plan is initiated. SNBT is now proudly employee owned!