Bill Pay

There is no charge for Bill Pay! Simply pay a minimum of one bill each month and you will not be charged (1).

Enjoy these Benefits:
  • Log-in to Bank Online to enroll for Bill Pay.
  • Schedule monthly, recurring, or one-time payments, plus view payment history and pending payments.
  • Get acquainted with Bill Pay: Step-by-step tutorial.It's Easy, Fast and Secure - It's SNBT's Online Bill Pay! This tutorial will have you paying your bills online in no time with the Quick Tour, Features, and a detailed explanation of the Enrollment Process.
  • Receive email notification and set-up bill reminders when bills are due to help decrease the likelihood of missed payments.
  • Relax while away from home, because bills can be paid online – great for people with seasonal addresses.
  • Saves time by eliminating having to write and mail personal checks
  • Pay multiple bills from one single website - Stop remembering numerous passwords to login at multiple biller sites - watch the video of how Bill Pay simplifies your life.
  • Access your current payees through Mobile Banking.
  • Use Zelle® to make and receive person-to-person payments as easily as sending an e-mail or text message (2).
1 If you do not pay at least one (1) bill online each month, you will be charged $6, which will appear on the following month’s statement.
2 Zelle® is not counted as a Bill Pay transaction.

Enrollment is Easy!
  • Login to Bank Online from a computer. If you are not currently using Bank Online, Enroll Now!
  • Click on the "Bill Pay" tab and follow the simple steps provided.
  • Confirm your account.
NOTE: Until your account is confirmed, you will have a limited dollar amount available to pay your bills.

Helpful Bill Pay Enrollment Hints:
  • Watch the tutorial for step-by-step guidance on using Bill Pay
  • During the enrollment process, you will be asked identifying questions that correspond to your credit report, i.e. loan lender and amount or credit card company and amount. You may want to have your recent bills available for this purpose.
  • After you've finished the enrollment steps within Bank Online, you will receive two separate emails from CustomerCare. To complete the process, follow the detailed instructions included in each email.
  • If you are currently paying your bills through multiple services, use our Online Banking & Bill Pay worksheet to gather all of the necessary information and begin using SNBT Bill Pay as your one-stop-shop!

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