It's so simple to earn your $5 reward!

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Make at least 25 debit card purchases (PIN or signature)

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Be enrolled in eStatements

Benefits & Rewards

  • Earn $5 for using your Debit Card!*
  • If you don't make all 25 debit card purchases this month, you can get right back to earning your rewards the very next month! 

How to Earn Rewards

  • Make 25 Debit Card purchases each month (PIN or signature)* and
  • Be enrolled in eStatements

Minimum Balance & Requirements

  • No minimum account balance
  • $3 charged if you choose to receive paper statements (eStatements provided at no charge)

*To earn $5.00 reward, you must be enrolled in eStatements and make at least twenty-five (25) qualifying SNBT debit card point of sale (POS) transactions (PIN-based or signature-based) that post and clear the account each statement cycle. A statement cycle begins the first business day of the month and ends on the last business day of the month.

Additional Features

  • Overdraft Protection:
    • Transfers money from another deposit account into your checking account.
    • A small transaction charge is assessed for each overdraft transfer, which costs less than an overdraft charge.
  • Overdraft Consideration:
    • We may cover your overdraft so you can avoid merchant fees from declined transactions or returned checks.
    • An overdraft charge may apply for this discretionary service.
    • Available in addition to the overdraft services listed above.
    • Learn the details of Overdraft Consideration
  • Debit Card Overdraft Consent Service:
    • May help you avoid having your transactions automatically declined.
    • Applies only to ATM and everyday Debit Card transactions.
    • An overdraft charge may apply if this service is used to complete your transaction.
  • Learn more about overdraft services here.
  • Automated bank-by phone system that gives you account information using a touchtone phone. To access, call 715-735-BANK (2265) or 800-924-9796.
  • Many employers offer paycheck deposits into a checking or savings account. Consider taking advantage of this benefit to help with budgeting by earmarking a portion of each paycheck to be deposited into your savings account.
  • Keep valuable information and important documents safe.