With eStatements you can learn how to clear the clutter

Have your bank statements delivered electronically, faster than paper statements.

Enroll in eStatements, watch the video below to learn how!

Steps to Enroll:

Quick Reference Guide for eStatements Enrollment

1. Log in to Bank Online  

2. Click 'Profile' in the top right corner

3. Click ‘Manage Statements’
4. Read eStatements Disclosure

5. Click on ‘eSign document’ below the disclosure

Note : This will open in a new tab
6. Copy the Confirmation Code in the blue box on this page

Note : This code will be different  each time you open it

7. Click on your internet browsers ' eStatement tab'

8. Paste or type the code in the ' eSign Confirmation Code’ box

9. Click ‘I Agree’
10. Click ‘Enroll’ 

After enrolling, remember to:

Enjoy these Benefits:
  • Receive your monthly statements more quickly and securely than through the mail.
  • Receive electronic notification when your statement is ready and access it through Bank Online .
  • View and print 18 months of statements – making retrieval easy.
  • Lower your exposure to identity theft by no longer having your statement waiting outside in the mailbox.
  • Benefit from the privacy and security of your statements behind a highly secured login.
  • View using Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or higher – download it for free directly from the eStatements site.
  • All personal accounts are eligible except Passbook Savings and CDs. Your cancelled checks will not be returned.

eStatements is the Solution:



You may think enrollment is
time consuming.
It only takes about a minute. Simply login to Bank Online and click on "Profile" to select the accounts you want to include.

You need several months of statements,
but some are lost in overflowing filing
cabinets and you don't want to pay for
duplicate statements.
eStatements are available at no charge and are securely archived for 18 months, plus they can be viewed anytime online - making retrieval easy.

Paper statements sitting outside in your
mailbox may be a potential for fraud.
eStatements are securely protected by
multiple layers of online security.

Mailed statements take several days
for delivery after the statement cut-off

See your account activity sooner, eStatements are ready to view the day after the statement cut-off date.

Always keep your Passwords and PINs secure. NEVER give them to anyone.
Though we may send periodic emails about eBanking enhancements and other bank news, we will NEVER call or send emails requesting you to “verify” your personal information. If you receive a suspicious email or phone call claiming to be from us, do not hesitate to contact SNBT to confirm its validity.

Your email address is strictly for SNBT use. It will be kept confidential at all times and will never be sold to outside parties.