Keeping tabs on your account has never been easier

Set up eAlerts through Bank Online or Mobile Banking and get real-time notifications through text or email. Why not take one more thing off your to do list? Let the eAlerts do the account check-in for you.

Balance Alerts

Get notified when your balance goes below (or above) your set amount OR set an alert to gives you your current account balance. Use to avoid overdrafts, maintain balance rewards, and know when to add extra funds.

Transaction and Transfer Alerts

Get an alert when a transaction type you specify occurs on your account, like a deposit or withdrawal or when money enters or leaves your account through a transfer.

ATM/Debit Card Alerts

Ding! That's the alert you'll get when your Debit Card is used at an ATM or for a transaction.

Loan Alerts

Receive an alert when a regular payment is made, an escrow payment was made, or your loan is past due. An easy way to keep an eye on your loan!

Security Alerts

Set security alerts for when someone changes your contact information or tries to log into your account with the wrong credentials.

eAlert Setup

Getting started with eAlerts is easy!

  1. Enroll for Bank Online & Mobile Banking or login if you're already enrolled
  2. Click "Alerts" in the menu
  3. Choose your eAlerts - as many alerts as you like!
Interactive Video Player

Set it and forget it

Set as many or as few eAlert notifications as you need to keep tabs on your accounts.

Watch our tutorial and learn more about Notifi Alerts and how you can customize them as you see fit!