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We don't believe in "one size fits all", and neither should you. You deserve a home lending solution that fits your homebuying goals.


Whether it's your first or second home...

Work with experienced professionals who understand finding the right mortgage is just as important as finding the right place to call home.


Follow your dreams home, with a new construction loan.

As the leader for new home construction loans, we have a reputable history of working with local builders and developers to help create the home of your dreams.


Unlock competitively low loan rates and lower your mortgage payments or consolidate debt.

Our lenders will help you choose from a variety of terms and features to tailor a plan best suited for you.

Home Possible

Your dream of becoming a homeowner can come true with a program that offers outstanding flexibility and low down payment incentives.

Local Lending

Our relationship continues even after your loan is closed, while other banks sell your info to an outside provider. We continue to maintain your loan by applying your payments, answering questions, and providing payoff information.

Keep your loan close to home

Many local financial institutions claim that they offer local lending, but when you take a closer look, you can begin to see what sets SNBT apart. You can feel comfortable knowing, there are no extra fees for local loan servicing and maintenance.

Local service supports our mission: To be the premier provider of trusted financial solutions. That’s the difference when you get a loan with SNBT. So, when we say that we offer Truly Local Lending from start to finish, we mean it.

Compare Your Mortgage Options

There are Pros and Cons to the different types of Mortgages out there. Weigh your options when deciding which is right for you and your family.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Easier qualification processMore variables to define could be confusing
Short term fixed rateInterest rate flexibility could leave the customer getting a rate they didn't expect
Lower closing costs
Interest rate can decreaseInterest Rate can increase
Low payments in the fixed-rate phaseYour payments could increase
Perfect for someone considering selling property in the near future.
Rate and Payment Caps

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Ease of mind that interest rate will not increase. i.e payment will be the same foreverSome properties do not qualify for this type of loan
Easier to understand. Higher closing costs
Perfect for consumer who plans to live in home for a long time.Not ideal if a person plans to sell the property in 5-10 years.
Most do not have pre-payment penaltiesMore difficult qualification process
Your rate is locked even if rates go upRate lock risk if rates go down

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Save for a Down Payment

Buying a home is kind of a big deal.

If you're ready to make your home dreams a reality, consider our Homebuyer CD or reach out to a Universal Banker and they will help set you up with the tools you need to be a successful homebuyer. 

Fast Pre-Qualifications

Take the first step in your homebuying journey.

Increase your bargaining power, save yourself some time, avoid stress by determining how much home you can afford before you hit the ground running. Did you know that sellers are more likely to accept your offer if you're pre-qualified? It's quick and easy, and best of all it's free!

Mortgage Loan Checklist

Qualifying for a mortgage shouldn't seem impossible.

Begin the home buying process fully-prepared, from there we're confident it will be smooth sailing.

  • Completed Mortgage Loan Application
  • Purchase Agreement with Any Addendums (not needed to refinance)
  • Two Recent Pay Stubs
  • Most Recent W-2
  • Current Bank & Investment Statements
  • Loan Payment Information
  • Personal Tax Return
  • Driver's License
  • Homeowner's Insurance
  • Property Tax Bill
  • Business Tax Returns & Certified P&L (if self-employed)