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(1) An ATM surcharge is the fee that the owner of the non-SNBT ATM may charge for a transaction conducted with a Debit Card or ATM card. All checking accounts receive unlimited use of any SNBT eTeller or ATM. The first 4 ATM transactions per calendar month at non-SNBT ATMs are at no charge; thereafter $1.50 each. Sterling Rewards will receive ATM transactions at no charge up to $15.00 per month.
(2) Combined balance - Accounts must be titled in the same Tax Reporting Owner to qualify. Deposit accounts use the Minimum Balance month-to-date, which is the lowest balance during the current calendar month. Loan balances are based on the current balance and any available credit amount on lines of credit.
(3) Federal law limits preauthorized and automatic transfers and withdrawals from savings and money market accounts to six (6) per month. This includes telephone & computer transfers, payment arrangement (including ACH) to a third party, check, draft, debit card or similar order.