Keep your eyes on your accounts at all times.

  • Free real-time notifications
  • Deposit & withdrawal alerts
  • Loan payment notices

Mobile Deposit

All it takes is the quick snap of a photo.

  • Deposit checks anywhere, anytime
  • Enroll from your mobile device

Mobile Pay

The secure way to store your payment options.

  • Quick
  • Convenient
  • Secure

Debit Card Management

Turn your card ON and OFF, set locations where it can be used, and more. Receive real-time alerts each time a registered card is used, which makes detecting fraud easier.

Interactive Video Player

Mobile Banking Tutorial

Enjoy a quick tour of everything Mobile Banking has to offer. This step-by-step video will walk you through each feature in detail. You can access Mobile Banking with your phone, tablet, or by text message.

Mobile Banking Demonstration

Follow along with your mobile phone in this interactive simulation of the Mobile Banking features. This video first explains how to use Mobile Banking, step-by-step, then allows you to try everything you learned for yourself!

Additional Features

  • Overdraft Protection:
    • Transfers money from another deposit account into your checking account.
    • A small transaction charge is assessed for each overdraft transfer, which costs less than an overdraft charge.
  • Overdraft Consideration:
    • We may cover your overdraft so you can avoid merchant fees from declined transactions or returned checks.
    • An overdraft charge may apply for this discretionary service.
    • Available in addition to the overdraft services listed above.
    • Learn the details of Overdraft Consideration
  • Debit Card Overdraft Consent Service:
    • May help you avoid having your transactions automatically declined.
    • Applies only to ATM and everyday Debit Card transactions.
    • An overdraft charge may apply if this service is used to complete your transaction.
  • Learn more about overdraft services here.
  • Automated bank-by phone system that gives you account information using a touchtone phone. To access, call 715-735-BANK (2265) or 800-924-9796.
  • Many employers offer paycheck deposits into a checking or savings account. Consider taking advantage of this benefit to help with budgeting by earmarking a portion of each paycheck to be deposited into your savings account.
  • Keep valuable information and important documents safe.