Our Foundational Values

We take pride in combining a world-class investment management process with our unparalleled level of client service.

Client Centric

  • Always placing the clients’ best interest first
  • Experienced, professional staff- dedicated to a high level of client service
  • Long-term client relationships are our priority
  • Custom Solutions to meet your goals

Open Architecture

  • Client/goal-oriented strategic portfolio construction
  • Offering both traditional and alternative investment strategies
  • Highly flexible and adaptive value-driven tactical asset allocation process

Best of All Worlds

  • External first-rate economic & market research from industry-leading providers
  • Internal portfolio/allocation decision-making
  • Unbiased selection of investments using experienced money managers in every asset class
  • Performance measurement reporting

CEFEX Investment Advisor

CEFEX Investment

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Dedicated to maintaining a quality standard of care for your financial investments.

Certified by CEFEX, Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC. This certification affirms that we follow industry best practices and maintain a commitment to continual growth and improvement.

How we manage your money

  • We form opinions and build conviction based upon external sources and internal analysis.
  • We use a committee approach to maximize our individual intelligence/experiences (intellectual independence/integrity) to make asset allocation decisions.
  • We exercise an extreme amount of due diligence as a foundation for building your success when selecting mutual funds and separate account managers.
  • We are a fee-based advisor, sitting on the same side of the table as you. When the value of your account grows, we too benefit by charging a small percentage of the overall value of your account. When you succeed, we succeed.